Q&A with Mannies of LA – A Male Nanny Service in Los Angeles


Mannies of L.A. is a personalized service that matches male caretakers with families in Los Angeles. I interviewed the owner of Mannies of L.A., Michael Lin, and he answered my looming questions about male nannies (“mannies”):

What services does Mannies of L.A. provide? I see there is a connection and selection process, which sounds in-depth. Is this service for those who want a long-term full-time caretaker as opposed to an occasional sitter?

Mannies of L.A. provides all different types of services. We have full-time, part-time, and temp mannies. We also have tutors, teachers, athletic coaches, music instructors, behavior specialists, and more. We understand no family is the same and theirs needs are different so we are very flexible in tailoring it to fit your family.

What is your selection process in choosing your “Mannies”? Do they all have to have a background in early childhood education? Do you have multi-lingual Mannies?

We personally meet with each manny/male role model looking to join our agency. They are required to have some type of experience working with children. During the interview process they are asked personality questions, job questions, and hypothetical questions. We also check their references.

We have a variety of mannies with a plethora of experiences. Some have teaching experience, behavior therapy experience, manny experience, and even professional sports experience. We also have mannies that can cook, clean, and speak many languages.

Tell me how a family “tests out” a Manny to make sure they are the right fit for the family.

The family meets the manny many times prior to being placed with one. There are usually two interviews that happen first; one with the parents, and then one with them interacting with the kids. After those initial interviews, we provide the family with a week trial process with the normal schedule. We will not place any manny with a family until we all feel confident.

I see you offer sports coaches and professional athletes. Can I request one to help my child advance in their sport and do they cost significantly more than other “Mannies”?

Typically if a family is looking for someone for a couple hours a week to help their child improve academically, athletically, or musically, the rates tend to be higher. Think of it as a specialty one-on-one session.

How long has “Mannies of LA” been around? Is the U.S. behind in the Mannies trend (or are Male Nannies commonplace in other countries?)

Mannies of L.A. has been in business over a year! We are the first male nanny agency in Los Angeles and have placed many wonderful mannies with great families. Mannies are becoming more popular in the U.S. with time. I think families are finally seeing the importance of having a positive male role model early in a child’s life. If you think about it, children are surrounded by females for most of their early childhood life. Their teacher is female, their nanny is a female, their mother is around most of the time, and their housekeeper is female. Children need more males in their lives. Males are just as nurturing as women and add a different perspective, connection, and energy with children.

For more information about Mannies of LA

Mannies of L.A. Website: www.manniesofla.com

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