Rediscovering the joy of exercise

When I was in elementary school, I enjoyed all the athletic events: the walk-a-thon, Jump Rope For Heart, and The President’s Challenge fitness test. I think there was also a hula hoop challenge somewhere in there, and a sponsored basketball tournament, but I can’t remember what they were called. Exercise was fun.

Somewhere between seventh grade and adulthood, I forgot how fun exercise was. I can blame puberty, self-esteem, and getting too busy, but what really happened was I just stopped. My interests gradually shifted to non-physical activities (video games, television, reading magazines, and shopping), and hung out with people who did the same.

As a working adult, I joined a gym and worked out sporadically. I also drank and ate out a lot, so that countered any good I was doing for my body. After my pregnancy and after delivering my baby, I was determined to get in shape. Not just for my physical appearance, but also for my mental well-being. Because I was responsible for a human life, my drinking subsided, and I started to eat healthier. I joined Baby Boot Camp Los Angeles (Culver City and Marina Del Rey), and even though I started off slow (working out only one day a week), and ran pretty slow (I was tired after one out of three laps!), co-owners and trainers Melinda and Elizabeth never gave up on me, or any of the other moms in class.

Eventually, with the support and friendship of the other moms in class, I was motivated to attend more classes per week and started to see results. Small victories such as not getting winded after the first lap around Helms Bakery were worth celebrating. Slowly, I started challenging myself. First, with my personal fitness challenge, then the MOLO Baby Boot Camp fitness challenge. I ran the Kickin’ Cancer 5K, The Home Run for Kids 5K,  and the Club MomMe Stroll N’ Run 5K. I never considered myself a strong runner, but I do it anyway.

Working out with Baby Boot Camp Los Angeles (Culver City and Marina Del Rey) inspired me to do a lot more than I wouldn’t normally have done. I’m so happy to know other fitness minded moms in my community and I’m so happy I rediscovered the joy of exercise. I hope to instill that in my daughter, who recently started saying “Baby Boot Camp”!

If my lazy a$$ can do it, so can you!



I am a new mom to a baby girl. I live in West Los Angeles. This blog is about my experiences as a new mom and navigating my way through kid-friendly L.A.

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