Said The Butterfly Studio’s “Self-Care for the Creative Mama’s Soul”

This past Saturday, I co-hosted an LAUSD fundraising event with two moms (Melissa and Carolyn) from my daughter’s class. It was a creative exploration art event led by Melissa Renzi, founder of Said the Butterfly Studio, and held at Aunt Bessi’s Creative Healing Center in West Los Angeles.

The mom-themed event was a variation and mini-preview of Said The Butterfly Studio‘s Self Care for Your Creative Soul‘s three-month offering. The wonderful experience was a nice way to relax, unwind, and connect with other moms (and myself!) a week before Mother’s Day weekend.

Refreshments and Light Bites

Asante Mama provided herbal teas for the event.
I made iced tea out of the hibiscus tea (not pictured) and it was delicious! Read about this socially responsible Ugandan Tea company here:
Sweet light bites provided by FOOD and Debbie’s Dinners


After chatting with the other moms and trying the delicious treats, Melissa led introductions, which helped our intimate group clear our minds for the project, set our intentions, and meditate . We closed our eyes and grounded ourselves by placing our feet firmly on the ground and hands on the table, while closing our eyes and concentrating on the sound made by the singing bowl, which promotes peace, chakra healing, and mindfulness.

It was a great way to start the event, and then we each took a turn saying what brought us to the class and shared a childhood memory about being creative.

Project 01: Exquisite Corpse

The first project was “Exquisite Corpse,” a fun exercise to unlock our creativity. It is based on the surrealist game, developed in the 1920s by artists in which sentences or drawings were created by a group of people. This collaborative effort resulted in a fun surprise and unveiling. Our theme was “Celebrating Motherhood,” so using estimated clues as to where were on the body, each person drew one part of the page and folded it over and passed it on to the next. The results were hilariously wonderful! Once we got back the pages we started out with, we went around the table to tell a story or explain the mother we collaboratively created.

Project 02: Flowers in a Vase

Melissa Renzi’s Flowers in a Vase

For the “Flowers in a Vase” project, we used watercolors (all supplies provided by Said The Butterfly Studio). First, we cut out a vase and a flower of our own design on thick scrap paper, then used painter’s tape to temporarily adhere them to our watercolor paper. Then, using whatever colors we wanted, chose a mode (paintbrush, sponge, etc) to apply color to the page. Once we had our background finished, we peeled off the stencils, then “filled” our vase with flowers, accents, and splashes of paint, using our own creativity or a variety of methods Melissa demonstrated for us.

Said The Butterfly Studio‘s Melissa Renzi demonstrating the sponging technique
Our group working with intention on our projects
in the beautiful creative space of Aunt Bessi’s

What I loved most about this project is that we each walked away with a pieces of art that were tied to the theme, but with very unique and creative results. I also liked that it was a safe, non-judgmental environment where we supported, encouraged, and complimented one another.

Thank You

Said the Butterfly Studio

Thank you again to Said the Butterfly Studio for hosting such a fun event! Definitely check out her workshops and offerings!

Aunt Bessi’s Creative Healing Center

Thank you to Aunt Bessi’s Creative Healing Center for donating your wonderful space for this event. They offer classes, workshops, and rental space in West L.A. on Pico Boulevard. For more info, go to:


Thank you again to Carolyn Kim and Melissa Renzi for helping with the refreshment table and for securing the food sponsors:

Asante Mama

Sustainable, socially conscious company based in Uganda, Asante Mama is maker of herbal teas. Mission: “Doing business and Doing Good”. Asante Mama directly supports the income of over 10,000 families, guaranteeing them a better livelihood and a better access to educationhealth and social services.

Debbie’s Dinners / Essential Chocolate Desserts

Essential Chocolate Desserts is now part of Debbie’s Dinner’s (under “Debbie’s Delights”). Be sure to check out their new sweet offerings!


FOOD is is an eclectic cafe with a distinct style that serves seasonal, healthy and delicious food. As a long-time customer of FOOD, Melissa Renzi got to know the owner, Judy Ornstein. We are grateful for their generous donation. Their cookies were a hit!

Our children and LAUSD are grateful for the donations and support!

WestsideMommy co-hosted this event with other LAUSD parents. This post is for informational purposes only.