Sleep Training and Room Sharing with the 2nd Kid

First kids have it a lot easier in some ways than the second kid. With my first child, we were able to move her into her own room and sleep train her starting at four months. We tried different methods, all of them mentally painful for me as a first time mom, but by six months she had a solid sleep schedule and was a deep sleeper.

My second kid is another story. We lack an additional room, so she shared a room with my husband and me until a little after her first birthday. She was pretty good for awhile, as far as nighttime sleep goes. For naps, she was a champ compared to my first child, who woke up 45 minutes on the dot. However, after six months, she became more aware of her surroundings and became an extremely light sleeper. My husband and I snuck quietly into the room at night and oftentimes had to utilize earplugs after she realized we were there. I had to train my bladder to wait until morning, for fear I would wake her. That isn’t easy after having two kids.

Finally, after (online) school finished, my husband and I to moved the crib into our seven year old’s room. It took a few days, but we figured out a way to make it work. We added blackout curtains to the room, run a fan for white noise, and a CD of lullabies runs on repeat. We allow the older kid to watch a fun or educational show with us (that we actually want to see), and by the time it’s over the baby will be (somewhat) sound asleep. So far, this has worked for almost a week.

Below are my recommended and suggested items for a good-night’s sleep for all. (Please note: links are affiliate links which allow me to earn a small percentage of a sale when clicked and does not affect the price in any way).

Music: Lullaby CD

We Dream: Volumes 1 and 2 – Helps You and Your Baby Fall Asleep – Soothing Guitar Music with White Noise

This isn’t the exact CD we use, but any instrumental lullaby is relaxing.

Blackout Curtains

HOMEIDEAS Blackout Curtains

This is the brand of curtains we use for our bedroom and the kids’ room. Our room has dark grey, which I think is even better than the other color (teal), but they both work well. I can’t vouch for other brands, so make sure you read trustworthy reviews.

Room fan

We do not have this fan, but if I were to buy a new one, I would get something like this because it has a remote, a timer, and 3 speeds!

Room Divider

Privacy Room Divider Curtain

Ideally, I’d like to set up a room divider curtain because I’m pretty sure my older kid would like some privacy. As much as she loves her baby sister, six years is a big enough age gap where they cannot share toys. We will probably get something like this set up before school starts in the fall.

Cuddly toys

We received this Octopus Rattle and Crinkle Paper Stuffed Animal from Saro brand baby products and love it!

My baby – I guess toddler now – recognizes new toys, so we rotate some of her bedtime toys, which allows her to have something interesting to play with in the morning, and in turn, gives everyone a little more shut-eye.

Shows for the older kid

Watch Lego Masters on Prime Video

My husband and I figure if we are going to sit through a show with the kid, it should be something we enjoy too. We have been watching Lego Masters together, and it’s been quite entertaining. Our kid has a few small Lego sets, such as LEGO Disney Frozen II Elsa’s Jewelry Box Creation, Lego Friends, and Disney Princess LEGO sets, but what I like about the show is the contestants use their creativity and imagination to build “outside of the box” and come up with some amazing works.

I’ll post more ideas as they surface. Hopefully if you are going through a similar situation, this post provided some assistance! Sweet dreams to all.