Fitness Friday: The Truth About Dieting

It’s Fitness Friday!  Melinda and Elizabeth of Baby Boot Camp Los Angeles (Culver City and Marina Del Rey) answer this week’s question:

Q. Are fad diets worth trying in order to lose weight?


Most fad diets are more fiction, than fact based. If fad diets were as effective as they claim to be, then our obesity problem would be solved! Most fad diets limit calories, by eliminating or restricting specific foods, therefore producing short-term weight loss, and risk. Eliminating or restricting protein, carbohydrates or fats does not improve weight loss. According to nutrition experts, singling out protein, carbohydrates, or fat for elimination from the diet does not enhance long-term weight loss or help maintain it. (Nutrition Concepts & Controversies, Sizer, Whitney (Sacks and coauthors, Comparison of weight-loss diets)).

Fad diets fail to support lifestyle changes that help maintain weight loss. Maintenance requires life-long changes in diet and exercise.

 Here are a few myths about weight-loss fads:

Fantasy: You’ll lose weight fast without counting calories or exercisingTruth: No known trick of metabolism produces significant weight loss without diet or exercise
Fantasy: On this diet, you can eat whatever you want and still lose weightTruth: Unless it’s composed entirely of celery or lettuce, basic laws governing energy disproves this claim
Fantasy: You’ll lose weight by wearing the product or putting it on the skinTruth: Nothing can do that!
Fantasy: High-protein diets energize the brainTruth: The brain depends on carbohydrates for energy

(Nutrition Concepts & Controversies, Sizer, Whitney)

We recommend eating whole nutritious foods and exercising regularly. Before beginning any major weight loss program, seek advice from your doctor and a registered dietician, to help with weight loss management.

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