TWINKLE “Just Dance” Kindie Music Review


Kindie music artist TWINKLE is releasing her album “Just Dance” October 6, 2017 and I received a CD to review.

TWINKLE is a bilingual pop-artist for kids. I had never heard of her before previewing her upcoming album, but after one look, she is hard to forget. Her trademark brightly colored clothing, hair, and makeup combined with a big smile and positive attitude is like a cartoon character brought to life. To the current generation, she’s nailed the multi-colored “unicorn” look. To me, her sound and appearance is reminiscent of the versatility and appeal of The Spice Girls from the mid-1990s.

The album is appropriately named, “Just Dance,” as each of it’s tracks provides a danceable beat. It kicks off with the title track, which I believe is the most memorable and most cross-generational. It’s a fun song that will get everyone moving.

The second song, “Better Than You Know,” takes the beat down a notch to more of a head-bopping, finger-snapping pace. The message is to think positively, especially when things in life bring you down.

The third track, “Twinklemathics,” embraces an upbeat country vibe with lyrics about mathematics. I almost want to see a fun country line dance to accompany this song.

“Solar System” is fun way for kids to learn about science through song.

“Music” takes us back into EDM dance mode.

“Life is Beautiful” is about appreciating life and those around you. There’s a coordinated dance routine in here.

“We Got Good Manners Too” is a fun, fast-paced song reminding kids about saying “Thank You” and respecting one another.

The last two tracks are “Kidz Rock” – a remixed version and the OG version (from 2015), both with celebrated fellow kindie artist MISTA COOKIE JAR.

TWINKLE grew up performing. From an early age, she’s done musical theatre, acting on television, commercials, and voice-overs.

Previous albums by Twinkle include Made In The U.S.A. (2012), which was honored with two Global Music Awards (Best Children’s Album and Best Children’s Song), and Twinkle Time (2009).

Just Dance will be available at iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, CDBaby, on Twinkle’s website, and at live Twinkle Time shows.

Release Date: October 6, 2017

Target age range: For all ages, and especially enjoyed by ages 4 – 10

Catch Twinkle in concert

Sept 28 – Oct 1 – San Benito County Fair in Tres Pinos, CA 

Oct. 3  – Paseo Colorado Mall – 10 am & 11 am  -Pasadena, CA

Oct. 7 – First 5 – Victor Valley Museum – two shows, times tba.   Apple Valley, CA

Oct. 15 –  Greenfield Harvest Festival – times tbd  – Greenfield, CA (Univision is sponsoring)

Oct. 19 –  The Grove – 11 am & 12 pm – Los Angeles, CA

Oct. 21-22 – Calico Ghost Town – three shows, times tbd – Barstow, CA

Oct. 26 –  Azalea Shopping Center – time tbd – South Gate, CA

Oct. 28-29 – Calico Ghost Town, three shows, times tbd – Barstow, CA

Nov. 4 – First 5 – San Bernardino County Museum – two shows, times tbd – Redlands, CA

Dec. 21 at El Segundo Plaza in El Segundo.

Twinkle Website:

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