Upstage School Year program wrap-up

Night one of the performance. Photo by me. Other kids intentionally blurred out for privacy.

I can’t believe the Upstage Theatre after-school program for the school year is over! I’ve been enjoying the long Tuesdays 🙂 My kid attended the after-school program for “The Jungle Book Kids.” I loved watching Disney’s The Jungle Book when I was kid, so seeing my own child sing and dance to the same songs I know and love is quite special.

There were some scheduling conflicts for the performance because the school was designated at last minute to be a polling location. So instead of Saturday and Sunday, the performances were this past Wednesday and Thursday. My husband and I took turns attending the play.

Aria as Dizzy Vulture in The Jungle Book Kids, Upstage Theatre Program. Photo by Pooja.

It was so much fun to see the kids (especially our kid, of course) perform! They’ve been working so hard, even through the long winter break. I remember at one point several weeks ago, my kid got discouraged, saying they (meaning everyone) weren’t ready to perform. Luckily, they all learned the lesson that rehearsal is essential.

Upstage Theatre Experience Featured Image
My kid in the group ensemble for The Jungle Book Kids, Upstage Theatre Program. Photo by me.

Just like the summer camp production, I am impressed with Upstage. The set design was great, and so were the costumes. My kid really embraced her role as a Vulture. The kids really enjoyed themselves. Every kid is welcome, as long as they have a desire to be in the play and put in the work. The process is a wonderful learning experience for all ages. Getting along with others, taking turns, and listening are just a few of the life skills gained through the process.

For finishing the program, my husband and I gave Aria a little gift (some toy that she likes), with a note that says,

“We are so proud of you for learning the dances, songs, and lines for THE JUNGLE BOOK Kids! Keep up the good work. The show was fantastic and we loved watching you on stage!”

I wanted to make sure she knew that it’s the work she put in that we are most proud of. I know that through this program she is building confidence, resilience, and social skills.

The summer camp and school-year program each have their advantages. I’m glad my kid was able to experience both.

Year-round after school program

Everyone attends the same school, so there are no conflicts with holidays or school closures.

Program pickup is right after school, so it’s very convenient.

A long program gives kids the opportunity to get to know one another, including those from other grades and classes.

Meeting once a week allows more time for kids to practice and memorize songs and dances.

The Built-in Network of Parents is nice because it’s another way to keep in touch with friends and assist one another with pick-ups.

The Summer Camp Program

Read about our summer camp program experience here.

Upstage Theatre is now enrolling for the Summer Session! Check out the link below for more information.

Upstage Theatre Schools

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