Upstage Update: November

Life Skills learned at Upstage Theatre Schools

photo provided by Upstage Schools

My older daughter is in first grade, and it’s amazing to see how much she has learned in a year. The start of the school year always starts off a little bumpy, but the familiarity of Upstage class and seeing former classmates and friends makes the transition a little easier. There are plenty of important skills learned in theatre class. Here are just a few highlights I’ve observed as a parent:

Reading Skills

photo by Ruby (Westside Mommy)

I was impressed when I observed the kids, even the kindergarteners, follow along in their Broadway Junior script during class. It’s not surprising, because singing is one of the best ways to learn how to read! The format of the songs, repetitive choruses, and rhyming words make reading fun.

Last year around this time, I was worried about my daughter’s reading skills. Now, a year later, she is reading chapter books! What I enjoy most when we read together at bedtime is how she uses emotion and voices for characters in books.

Memorization Skills

I was impressed with all the kids after seeing my daughter’s first performance this summer of Madagascar 2: A Musical Adventure. Whether it was memorizing lines or choreography, everyone put in a lot of work and did their best. From the youngest to the oldest kids, I appreciated how they all worked together and helped one another to make the production great.


Resilience is an important skill learned in theatre school. The creative process in general is about making something out of nothing and putting it on display for everyone to see. Kids learn resilience through the audition and casting process, and also through rehearsals and taking direction.


photo provided by Upstage Schools

I like that Upstage classes have kids of mixed grades. It’s important to get along with others, and have the same mindset of playing the role you’ve been given to have a successful production.


I have never seen my daughter more confident than after a performance on stage. I absolutely loved seeing her learn to do something she had never done before. There were two performances of the summer program she attended, so it was interesting to see the difference in her confidence between the two. I can’t wait to see the current production!

Upstage Theatre Schools

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