Fitness Friday: Water and Exercise

It’s Fitness Friday!  Melinda and Elizabeth of Baby Boot Camp Los Angeles (Culver City and Marina Del Rey) answer this week’s question:

Q. How much water should I have before and during exercise?



Drinking plenty of water, before, during and after exercise (or any physical activity) is very important for our bodies.Proper hydration during exercise promotes health, safety and optimal performance. Here are a few tips to help keep you hydrated:

  1. Use thirst to determine fluid needs (basically drink when you are thirsty, even if this means slowing down to get that drink).
  2. Consume the same amount of water lost in sweat. You can determine this by weighing yourself before and after exercise. If no weight is lost, you’ve done a great job hydrating.
  3. According to the American Counsel on Exercise, two hours prior to exercising drink 17 to 20 oz. of water. During exercise drink approximately 7 to 10 oz., every 10 to 20 minutes. And, following exercise drink 16 to 24 oz. of water, for every pound lost during exercise.

So, pick up that glass of water and cheers to a healthy and active spring and summer!!

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