Waterworks Aquatics Swim School – Pasadena (review)


Even though summer is almost over, as Southern California residents we enjoy swim-friendly weather year-round. Over a year ago, my daughter and I took a parent-and-me water safety course (somewhere else) and since then, we’ve been to several pools. I’ve tried to teach her some swim basics, but I know she learns better from a professional instructor (also, I’m probably a little too soft on her). Thankfully, she responded well to the instructor, Danielle, at Waterworks Aquatics in Pasadena. She took two private, 20-minute swim lessons, which helped build her confidence and comfort in the water. She can’t swim yet (that will come after several more classes), but I felt good about the instruction and liked the facility. The instructor and the Waterworks style of teaching (supportive atmosphere and child-centered approach) kept my daughter focused, excited about her next lesson, and swimming in general.

There are Waterworks Aquatics locations throughout California and Denver. The location we visited in Pasadena offers a variety of lessons, Family Swim Nights, swim programs (such as swim team, swim competitions, water aerobics, and more), and even private parties.

Here are some highlights of our experience at Waterworks Pasadena:

Two Large Pools, Clean Facility


This is nice sized facility. There are two pools – one that is more shallow throughout (this is the one my daughter’s classes were in), and another one that had lanes blocked off. The pools are clean (non-potty trained kids must wear a disposable swim diaper AND reusable swim diaper) and there isn’t an overpowering smell of chlorine in the air. Even though it’s indoors, it’s brightly lit, with plenty of windows and skylights. The water is a good temperature – between 89 and 93 degrees – so there isn’t a big shock to the body when entering the pool.

The changing area and bathrooms are located near both pools. The changing area has stalls and the bathrooms are separated by gender. There is also a big hallway area with benches, several changing tables, and hairdryers as well. They also have that swimsuit drying machine which is very helpful for packing!

Great Customer Service


Before we signed up for classes, we checked out the facility. There were at least four customer service reps, each with computers, to greet everyone who came in. Behind them were more reps at computers, but facing the other way. Everyone was friendly and we got a quick tour. The rep that signed my daughter up for classes helped me choose the instructor based on my preferences and personality of my child. When I had to postpone my daughter’s first class due to illness, it was as easy as a phone call and an explanation. I received a reminder phone call before each lesson and a follow-up survey after the first lesson to address any questions or concerns. The customer service at Waterworks Aquatics is on point!

First Private Lesson

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve tried many times to teach my kid some basic swim techniques. I’m not an amazing swimmer and she is my only child, so I’m a bit hesitant with the limitations and capabilities of a kid her age in the water (I’ve read about dry drowning and it terrifies me). The instructors at Waterworks Aquatics are professionals and have worked with children of all ages and skill levels, so I was very comfortable knowing she was in good hands. Twenty minutes flies by quickly, but in that short amount of time she learned to: push off the wall to the instructor and float on her back with limited assistance. I couldn’t believe how much she learned so fast.

Second Private Lesson


My daughter’s second private lesson was six days after the first lesson. I should have scheduled it sooner because consistency is key, but nevertheless, it was a good class. The focus this time was getting her to put her face in the water. She remembered a lot of the other skills she learned from the previous lesson (including floating on her back), which made me happy. She was also very excited to see Danielle. Danielle also got her to stand on a floaty and jump into the water, assisted.

Overall, we had a really good experience at Waterworks Aquatics. Their instructors are top notch and it’s a fantastic facility. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants their child swimming quickly and safely.

About Waterworks Aquatics

from the Waterworks Aquatics website:

Waterworks Aquatics is a premier swim school that teaches children ages 3 months through adult how to swim. (Our Waterworks Swim School locations out of LA Fitness and City Sports Club teach students ages 3 years and older). We are a learning organization with a highly qualified team who creates a customized experience in every realm of aquatic programming as we feel swimming is a life-long skill.

With a supportive atmosphere and child-centered approach, our goal as a swim center is to encourage children to have fun in the water while improving their water skills. Our proven teaching methods and caring instructors will allow children to learn and grow within our program. By utilizing a specialized muscle memory technique, we are able to teach stroke technique at a very quick rate.

The service we provide you and your child extends beyond swim lessons. Lasting relationships are built through a “triangle of communication” between every parent, child, and instructor. We carefully match our students to an instructor who can best understand their capabilities and help them reach their full potential. Each lesson is structured yet flexible to meet the needs of each individual, which allows our students to steadily progress and thrive in a safe, comfortable environment.

Waterworks Aquatics offers multiple locations in California and Denver

Los Angeles Locations:

  • Beverly Hills
  • Hawthorne at LA Fitness
  • Torrance at LA Fitness
  • Van Nuys at LA Fitness

San Gabriel Valley Locations:

  • Pasadena
  • Sierra Madre
  • Arcadia at LA Fitness
  • Alhambra at LA Fitness

Orange County Locations:

  • Huntington Beach
  • Irvine
  • MV Alicia at LA Fitness
  • Yorba Linda at LA Fitness

Waterworks Aquatics Website: http://waterworksswim.com/

Waterworks Aquatics Back to School Promo!

We’re excited to bring back our popular Back to School promo early this season! Purchase a lesson package of 18 lessons or more and receive FREE lessons. Depending on the lesson package, you can earn up to 6 free lessons! Check website for details: http://waterworksswim.com/

Disclaimer: My Daughter received two complimentary private swim lessons from Waterworks Aquatics in exchange for an honest review on WestsideMommy.com. No monetary compensation was received for this post. Images and videos in this post are taken by Ruby Hunt and some were provided by Waterworks Aquatics. All opinions are 100% my own.