Weekend: Westfield Culver City, and hugs at the beach

Friday, we went to Westfield Culver City for a quick run to Sephora. I had a gift card I’ve meant to use, and I also finally ran out of my Bobbi Brown Corrector. On top of that, it was also the deadline for the parent blogger contest for Westfield Malls, so I needed an experience to write about. I’ve been to that mall several times, but never checked out the kid’s play area until that day. How did I not know about this before? It’s a very cute, clean, nautical-themed area with plenty of things to climb and play in. It’s free, and near all the kids’ stores like The Disney Store, The Children’s Place, and Crazy 8. My 11 month old daughter loved it.


She’s “on a boat!”


This was her favorite thing. There are starfish of different sizes she went nuts over.

Having those stores nearby is great, but my daughter is also at the age where she will cry if you take something away from her that she wants to play with. So what I have to do is distract her with something else. It was near lunchtime, so we rushed out of there, but made a pit stop at Claire’s so I could take pics of her with different hair items:


Perfect size for a tiny head. Happy St. Paddy’s Day!


Yes, I had to put a crown on her

As you can tell, she was not having it. It was all for Mommy’s enjoyment.

Saturday, while at Baby Boot Camp Class, I mentioned going to the beach. A mom said she was going to stop by Mikey’s Hug Deli at Venice/Santa Monica Beach that day. She knew about it from Burning Man, where she goes every year with her family. Kids at burning man? I had no idea. But it’s a thing! Intrigued, I decided to check it out. Besides, we wanted to go to the beach anyway. Normally, I shy away from going to the beach on the weekends, because I hate looking for parking and traffic. However, there was just something so beautiful about that day that I just wanted to be outdoors. We made it and parked at Lot #5, where parking is $1/hour, which is a great deal. We gave our compliments and got our hug. As cheesy as it sounds, I love the idea behind it. In a city as apathetic as Los Angeles, I think there needs to be more Hug Delis around.


Here we are with our hugger


hug menu

Today (Sunday), is just a chill, relaxing day where we run errands, and take a trip to the grocery store.