Weekend Review: Silverlake, Aidan’s Place, and Olvera Street

What a busy weekend this was!

Silverlake (Friday)

Friday, my friend Allison (of The Tiny Coyote), and I went to Silverlake to check out children’s resale store Grow Kid Grow. I left there with a $5 pair of red sequined shoes Aria will grow into eventually. Afterwards, we ate at Local with our babies. They were very accommodating and the guy who served us, Jack, was super friendly.

Aidan’s Place (Saturday)

Saturday, two of my friends who don’t know each other were throwing parties for their respective daughters. Much to my surprise, they were both at the same park around the same time! How convenient for me, and wonderful that I could attend both. I learned from throwing my own daughter’s (small) party, that having a lot of help is key. One of my friends ordered pizza and had it delivered to the park. She also arrived very early (8am for her 11am party) to claim a table. Her giveaway for the kids was a cute flower in a biodegradable flowerpot that you can plant right into the ground. My other friend’s party started around noon (an hour after the first one). She brought tables and had several hands to help. Her cake was from Hansen’s, which I’ve never had before, and it was delicious!  Good times had by all!

Olvera Street (Sunday)

I read about the Avocado Festival happening this weekend and thought it might fun to check out. I texted my friend this morning, who lives in Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA), and it turned out she was headed that way with her husband. She also said she was planning on having brunch, so I told her I would meet up with them. She texted me a few minutes later the Avocado festival was not really a festival at all. There were maybe two vendors selling avocado themed foods. What a disappointment! Nevertheless, we headed in that direction to have lunch with them at El Paseo Inn Restaurant, right on Olvera Street. My daughter and I shared the Santa Monica Enchiladas ($11.95), which were pretty good. a mariachi band arrived at 1:00pm and serenaded the restaurant. It was a fun way to spend a Sunday. Below are some photos from Olvera Street.

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