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I’m late on posting this, but I caught up with up with our friends at The Sweet Potatoe, a fashion-forward, children’s clothing line made with sustainable and organic cotton. I e-mail interviewed founder/designer Maria Aldana about the new collection they revealed at the ENK Children’s Club trade show in New York City earlier this year.

Westside Mommy (Ruby): The Sweet Potatoe’s new collection ’15 looks fantastic! I love the details (adorable pockets and “legwarmer” pants) as well as the overall theme. Is the space theme influenced by what we’ve seen in the movies lately (Interstellar, Jupiter Ascending)?

The Sweet Potatoe (Maria): Thank you!! You know what, I’ve yet to see those movies! It’s so tough to make it to a movie nowadays with a little one. It started out with our Halloween costumes, we were all rocketeers, but have always been obsessed with space and sci-fi movies.

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Westside Mommy: You’ve come a long way in a short amount of time! The Children’s Club showcase in New York is an exciting event. Who would be your dream retailer to pick up your line?

The Sweet Potatoe: I’m truly excited to have this opportunity. Of course, Bergdorf’s…but Sweet William and Space Kiddets would be my dream boutiques.

Westside Mommy: What is your best-selling design/item from the original line?

The Sweet Potatoe: The “Wear Me” onesies and “Fashionista” tees are a few of our top sellers from the original line. Lazer legs and Thunder thighs is also popular.

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Westside Mommy: The “Wear Me” collection seems to be a big hit. Did you go through several illustrations before deciding on the final design?

The Sweet Potatoe: We had a pretty set vision on what we wanted for the “Wear Me” design, so we were happy with the final result. We started out with just a few sketches in our sketchbook and when it came down to the final illustration, we were content.

Westside Mommy: I love the soft organic cotton you use for your products. How important was it to you to start your line using the right materials?

The Sweet Potatoe: I’ve always loved fabric and most of the time I always choose my clothing based on the comfort and quality of the fabric. I thought this was especially important for babies and children.

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