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Ruby Hunt

Hi! My name is Ruby Hunt. My life changed in 2013 when I became a Mom to my daughter Aria. I started this blog to document and share what we discover and experience: kid-friendly activities, classes, events, products, and more! Every day is a new adventure!

I named this blog Westside Mommy because I live in West Los Angeles, but we explore just about everywhere!

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Maria Aldana

The Sweet Potatoe | Earl Grey Style

Maria is a mompreneur. She started the “hip, soft, modern” children’s clothing line The Sweet Potatoe shortly after the birth of her son Skye. Her personal style and designs are influenced by her travels – studying in London, D.C., and New York; interning at Cynthia Rowley and Vera Wang; and living in Spain, D.C., Seattle, and now Southern California.

Earl Grey Style is her curated online shop. It offers self-care bundles, beauty & bath products and small home decor items – all from handmade shops & artisans.

Maria’s Wardrobe Makeover Series on WestsideMommy.com

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jonnaJonna Coleman

Jonna is an inventor, photographer, and mom of two. She grew up in Southern California and knows just about everyone. She’s been on several game shows and has made an appearance in music videos in the past.

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Shelby C.

Shelby is a bright student who has a talent for writing and art. She is our “Tween” thermometer and provides honest and excellent reviews.

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Lucy C.

Lucy is Jonna’s other daughter and recently wrote her first post for Westside Mommy!


Emma Foster

Emma Foster is a British reporter and a mom who lives in Los Angeles with her family. She writes for The Daily Mail.

Emma on Twitter: @emmamariefoster

Eh-Oh, The Teletubbies Are Back!

ai_contributorAi Fujii

Ai is from Japan and a mom of three girls. Her family enjoys camping in their RV and have visited many campsites across the country and even Canada! They have many adventures, take fun classes, and are enjoying their time in the U.S.A. before they have to head back to Japan.

South Bay Galleria Adventure To Santa 2016

Ronni Garcia

Ronni Garcia is a millennial who loves all things Harry Potter and Disney. When she’s not working on her novel or at Disneyland, you can find her mixing concoctions at the Boba Tea and Me truck, or utilizing her black belt skills helping kids learn Taekwondo at Tae Ryong Brentwood.

From Coraline to Kubo: A Magical Laika Experience at Universal Studios Hollywood


Ashley Hall

Ashley Hall is a bi-costal writer who lives in Los Angeles, California and Richmond, Virginia. She wrote a pilot, CLARKE AND KELLY, which mixes crime-fighting and former musicians in a small town setting.

See the pitch bible for Clarke and Kelly HERE

Mendocino Farms El Segundo

josh2Josh Hunt

Josh is Ruby’s husband and the unofficial “Westside Daddy.” He works in the editorial department and visual effects for movies and television. He enjoys hiking, comedy, and delicious food.

Josh on IMDB

Aya Kimura

Aya is a professional esthetician. She also is an avid organizer, loves to clean, and is an excellent cook. Both her children benefit from babywearing, organic meals, and her interest in innovative baby products. Aya loves attending baby-centered events, foodie events, and has a natural talent for bringing people together.

Joanne Liu

Joanne (Jo) Liu is a Los Angeles native who will drive the distance for food and fun.  As full-time working mom, she tends to pack her schedule with as many enriching activities into family time as possible.  During her down time, she enjoys a nice cold beer with her husband while scouring the internet in search for their next adventure.

Joanne’s recap of Great Big Family Play Day 2018

Toby Lowenfels

Toby Lowenfels lives in Culver City with her husband and two toddler boys. When she’s not scouting out new snacks and drinks in LA, she’s perfecting 20-minute dinner recipes, which you can subscribe to at dinnerin20.com.

Kristy Nall

Kristy has worked for over 19 years in the entertainment food industry – in craft services, catering, special events, and more. Close friends have experienced her epic pop-up dinners and holiday themed feasts. Together with her cocktail-crafting husband Scott, Kristy loves exploring restaurants and bars and food events, meeting chefs and bartenders in L.A. and around the world. Follow her cooking, dining, and drinking adventures on Instagram @travelgnome.

Kimberly Nolasco

Kimberly and Ruby met many years ago, when Kimberly was in High School, through a program called The Fulfillment Fund. Even after graduating high school, and now college, Kimberly has kept in touch. Kimberly studied Chinese language and culture during a semester abroad at Sichuan University in China. A grad of Pacific Lutheran University, Kimberly hopes to pursue a career in her major, Environmental and Global Studies. She is an L.A. native, an amazing cook, and a wonderful friend. She recently started an instagram feed for real fruit, organic, drinks she mixes: @kimmixology


Bethany Phillips

Bethany Phillips is a freelance writer and work-from-home-mom whose years in the entertainment industry prepared her well for dealing with a toddler. She dreams of one day having a clean house and clearing everything off the DVR. Bethany on Twitter: @bgirlla

Brands to Buy Your Tall Baby

Nick Quan

Nick (Nickie) Quan owns Tae Ryong Taekwondo School in Brentwood, Los Angeles. He is a father of two and a car enthusiast. Gilligan’s Island is one of his favorite shows from the past. Him and his wife Aya love gourmet donuts, food delivery, and Korean BBQ.

LA Auto Show 2016 Review by Subaru-driving Dad Nickie Quan


Claudia Segoviano

Claudia is from Mexico and speaks Spanish and English. She has a background in graphic design and science. Some of her interests include: fitness, art, mom activities, sushi, and traveling. She lives on the Westside with her husband, teenage daughter, and young son.

 Guest Post Contributors

Baby Boot Camp Los Angeles (Culver City and Marina Del Rey)Melinda Blechner and Elizabeth Avila

Melinda and Elizabeth were co-owners and certified trainers of Baby Boot Camp Culver City and Karna Fitness Culver City and now remain as instructors. Baby Boot Camp classes focus on helping moms reach their personal fitness goals at their own pace. Karna Fitness offers fitness and nutrition programs exclusively for women in private and small group training programs.

Lauren Wilson


Lauren Wilson is the creator of Mom Game, a comedy video channel making moms laugh one poopy diaper joke at a time.   She has over 15 years of comedy, improv and production experience and lives in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter. If she can make one other mama laugh and realize we’re all in this together, all the milk, sweat and tears have been worth it.  Probably.

Check out Lauren’s Guest Post: NYX Professional Makeup at Westfield Century City

Get social with Mom Game: facebook.com/momgame | instagram.com/momgame

Francine Michelle

Francine Michelle

Video Baby Books

Francine Michelle is the owner of Video Baby Books, a video creation service for preserving your baby’s and family’s memories. Francine is an award-winning filmmaker whose foray into her Video Baby Books business stemmed from the birth of her son, Xander. She creates wonderful documentary-style videos that capture the stories you wouldn’t think of creating yourself but will cherish forever.

Check out Francine’s Guest Post: Get Yourself In the Picture!

 Think TrustsSteve Araiza, attorney

Think Trusts

Steve Araiza is a work-from-home dad that says his primary job is taking care of two kids.  But when he’s not wrangling them, he spends his spare time preparing estate plans.  He graduated from UCLA Law in 2009 with a specialization in business law, specifically focusing on taxation.  After finishing law school, he worked with Southern California Edison until her first born came along and decided to build his own legal practice.  You can find him online at www.thinktrusts.com.

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 trish_contributorTrish Alegre-Smith

So Your Life Images

Trish Alegre-Smith is an American photographer (soyourlife.com) working from the Eifel region of Germany. She is a mother of three and previously served in the Air Force, where she met her husband and father of their children. They moved to Germany a little over a year ago. As a military family, they are used to big changes.Transitions can be tough, but exciting. I asked Trish to give me some insight on her preschool equivalent search for her youngest child. Her post and photos are below.

Read Trish’s post: What Preschool is Like in Germany

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