Author Interview: “A Very Asian Guide to Korean Food”

Book cover of “A Very Asian Guide to Korean Food” courtesy of gloo books

I recently received “A Very Asian Guide to Korean Food” by Michelle Li to review. As an Asian American, it’s inspiring to see representation in media.

“A Very Asian Guide to Korean Food” is a descriptive children’s book with eye-appealing retro-style illustrations (by Sunnu Rebecca Choi) of modern and classic Korean food dishes. I had the pleasure of interviewing Michelle regarding this book. Please read the interview below!

Michell Li, author of “A Very Asian Guide to Korean Food” photo courtesy of gloo books

Westside Mommy (WSM): Was it difficult to hone in on what aspects of the food to feature when writing the book?

Michelle Li: It wasn’t difficult, but I will say it became a little challenging to find which facts to use for each dish! We eat foods all the time without knowing details about their origins, so it took some work to find out the history about certain dishes, and then we had to sort through the best facts for the book.

WSM: The retro illustration style is very fun, making it appealing to both children and adults. Was there a particular reason why you chose this style?

Michelle: The illustration is all the genuis and creative talent of Sunnu Rebecca Choi.

If you look at her other works, this falls in line with her style, and honestly, she is a big reason this book is so colorful, bold, and unique. I am so glad that Karen Chan, our publisher, found her. I am really honored to be connected with both of these amazing women.

WSM: Is there a Korean food in particular that you like to introduce to those who have not had Korean food before?

Michelle: I think it depends on the person! I always start people off with bulgogi, bibimbap, mandu, or japchae. If someone is a little more picky, I would say a fusion dish like Korean tacos or something like Korean Fried Chicken! I love introducing people to Korean food – it’s truly a joy! 

“A Very Asian Guide to Korean Food” is available on

Westside Mommy (Ruby) would like to thank gloo books and Michelle Li for the interview and book.


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