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favorite baby shower brands

The other day I posted essential baby registry items. Today, I’m sharing brands that I love for some and some fun items to put on your baby registry. (This post contains affiliate links).

adan + anais: bibs/burpcloths and blankets

I love this brand for their swaddle blanket (which I don’t actually use as a swaddle, but for everything else) and their gigantic burpy bib (great for babies with reflux like mine). I was happy to see new items such as the carseat canopy cover, because I essentially used the swaddle blanket for that.

Miracle Blanket: Swaddle

This blanket was truly a miracle for us. We tried so many brands with our first child, but the Miracle Blanket was the only one that worked. The stretchy material makes it easy to tuck into itself and instructions are pretty easy. Definitely a must-have item!

Philips AVENT: bottles

I tried a lot of different bottles for my baby but the ones that worked best for us were from Philips AVENT. They are easy to clean and have a good shape for handling. They also helped with the acid reflux issue my first child had, so I was grateful we found success with this brand. There was nothing more devastating than witnessing regurgitated breast milk that took so long to pump.

JuJuBe: Diaper Bag

I love JuJuBe bags because they are stylish, functional, and easy to clean. I prefer the backpack style and all the cool design options! I personally have one with a Tokidoki design. I just saw a cool camo-flower design I’m so tempted to get…so addicting!

MAM: Pacifiers

My first daughter was into pacifiers for about 4 months. Finding the right brand for her was tough because she would toss them out of her crib had a hard time going back to bed without one. The brand that worked best for her was MAM. Thankfully, once she took to it, she stopped tossing them and became a great sleeper. However, once her teeth came in (and they came in early), we had to replace them more frequently because she would bite through them. My advice is once you find a brand you like, buy backup.

Skip Hop: Accessories

I love the Skip Hop brand for accessories. They make everything very stylish and modern. Here are a few of their items I recommend:

Baby Einstein: Toys

I like the bright, colorful toys from Baby Einstein. Along with Fisher Price (see below), these toys and play mats keep the baby’s interest the longest (even though the music may drive you nuts).

Fisher-Price: Activity Center, Swing, Toys

The songs on repeat drove me nuts but the babies absolutely loved the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo. We got rid of our first one because we didn’t think we would have a second kid, but thankfully, my good friend gave me hers just in time.

Other Fisher Price products to consider:

Best of luck and congratulations to the new parents-to-be! Thanks for reading and I’ll catch up with you soon!

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