Learning games and toys to get right now

Now that the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has most of us home-bound, how does one entertain themselves and their family during this time? I grew up without cable television, some toys, a brother and sister, and a big imagination. I researched some low-cost, screen-free entertainment options that are both fun and educational. Please note that these are affiliate links, so when you purchase an item after clicking the link, I earn a tiny percentage for my referral, which is at no additional cost to you!

Pandemic Board Game

Ages: 8+
2-4 players
average game play: 45 minutes

I first played Pandemic about five years ago, and I thought it was brilliant. Today, it’s more relevant than ever. This is a cooperative game where players are to work as a team to eradicate diseases to win. Each player is a character, such as a scientist or operations specialist, with different strengths.

This game teaches cooperation, communication, strategy, vocabulary, science, and more. It will help kids get a better grasp of the current state of the world and feel more informed and spark their curiosity for science and medical facts.

A deck of cards

I grew up learning how to shuffle cards. My dad taught us a lot of card games growing up, which makes a basic deck of cards so versatile. I didn’t realize how much I was learning by playing, which makes it a great tool for my kid now! I used it recently as “flash cards” to help her with “what makes ten?” I will make some videos and post them of some games. Stay tuned and subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Gardening tools

When I was a kid, I was perfectly happy digging up the yard for bugs. I want something a little more focused for my kid (although she is welcome to dig up bugs), so gardening would be a good goal. Taking care of something teaches scheduling, responsibility, and resilience (if it dies and the kid is disappointed). Depending on where you live, a flower from this list might be a good place to start.

5 Second Rule Junior (Game)

I first played this game over the winter holiday break with my family. It was actually on Christmas, and it was really fun. Even my parents played! The concept is there is a box of questions and players have five seconds to answer. We do not own this game, but my daughter and I play a version of it. It’s a fun way to quiz your child on any topic!

Math Dice Game

Like me, my kid is a visual learner. I used to play a lot of board games as a kid, so I still visualize numbers as dice. I just saw this online and put it in my shopping cart. It’s under $10, highly portable, and has a variety of applications. A win-win in my book!

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