A Discussion About Deodorant: Natural Deodorants Reviewed

jonnaBy Jonna (mom of two)

Deodorant. What can be said about it? Well, a lot actually!

Now that I’m on the right side of my 40’s this has (again) become a sort of quest to fulfill; finding a natural deodorant that actually works! There are so many new products and, honestly, it’s been on my mind for over 20 years, really! Strange, right?

Since I was in my late teens/early 20s,  I noticed my mother and two of my three older sisters have happily, no problem used natural underarm deodorants and have smelled like lovely spring flowers in a garden – all day. Grrrr! The other sister and I have been using (horrible for you) ones from drugstore chains. This sister seems to have zero guilt about it – ignorance is bliss, I guess. Me – ugh! The guilt and then trying what my “happy” good smelling family members used, but stinking all day, dying of embarrassment and feeling yet another failed attempt – this has happened on too many occasions to count!

It’s been a few years since I tried the natural way. Six months ago I (cautiously) decided now was the time to try again. Here is what I tried and what worked:

Green Tidings All Natural Deodorant Extra Strength


Goes on a bit thick so it runs out quickly. It did, however, work.

DeodoMom Roll-on

deodorant_deodomomDidn’t work for me, even when I reapplied all day.



Tried every scent but didn’t work for me.

Crystal Body Roll-on


Good if reapplied a lot.

Crystal Body Stick


This is what my mom and sisters use, but not me. Also, if there is a break in the crystal, it can cut you.

Crystal Body Deodorant Spray


The non-scented worked, but not great.

Crystal Essence Lavender and White Tea Body Spray


THIS WORKS! Yes, I found one that does…..case closed!

Closing notes

I would like to add that I stopped buying and trying when I found the one that works. There may be others that would’ve worked as well. Also, what works for me may not work for you…

Here are some of the chemicals which many deodorants have in them:

  • PARABENS: Since our underarms are so close to our breasts some researchers say parabens may promote the growth of cancer cells. Also, they can interfere with your hormones
  • ALUMINUM: There have been many rumors this can cause early Alzheimer’s or breast cancer. There’s no conclusive evidence but too much talk about it not to worry a little, especially if you’re me
  • TRICLOSAN: Some animal testing has shown this chemical can mess with your gene activity, hormones, thyroid and brain activity
  • PHTHALATES: One of the biggest concerns is that this can impair a man’s ability to impregnate a woman. This has also been linked to lower IQ’s and higher rates of asthma

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