A Weekend of Workouts, Part 1

I don’t usually work out on Saturday AND Sunday, but this past weekend was an exception.

Christine Bullock and Evolution 20 Wellness Event

Saturday, May 30th, my friend Jessica and I carpooled to Santa Monica Place for the Shape-Up For Summer Wellness Event hosted by fitness and lifestyle expert Christine Bullock, creator of Evolution 20. It was an outdoor event, on the top floor near the dining deck. Christine led a 40 minute high energy workout with stretching before and after.

Cooling it down! Amazing work babes 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼! Next up – nutrition chat 🍉🍊🍌#myevolution

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  Here is a short clip of Christine Bullock teaching  

Happy MOVE MONDAY! I am still reeling from this weekend’s bikini body #wellness workout, so today we are turning up the volume with a complex move from Saturday’s lineup! Try this squat twist to create dimensional definition in your booty. (Aka an apple bottom 🍎👌🏻) Start in a wide legged stance facing forward. Squat down and back keeping your knees stacked over your ankles. Pop up to standing with strength and force. Squat again. This time, as you rise to standing lift your right knee high and draw it across your body. Twist from your waist and draw your left elbow to meet your knee. Repeat, squatting and rising to the center then squatting again and lifting the opposite leg to perform the twist. Repeat 20 times on each side. #movemonday #myevolution #bootylicious A video posted by christinebullock (@christinebullock) on

This is me before the workout posing with Christine

After the workout (which I am still sore from, but a good sore), I sampled Champion Naturals protein shake (vanilla and chocolate) and enjoyed a mocktail from Zico Coconut Water. Then we sat down and enjoyed a healthy meal from PALETA . The meal was pretty good. I got the meat option, which was a chicken salad, nuts, a drink, and a cookie. It was very flavorful and fresh. The drink was especially refreshing and I am a big fan of the cookie!

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Afterwards, we checked out some new workout wear trends by Lorna Jane. I love my Lorna Jane cropped tights (and wore them that day). Given that the line is released in capsule collections, I probably should have bought two of the style that I own. Because once the style is gone, it’s gone. However, I really dig the harem pant style, so I may be using the awesome $30 gift card I received in my swag bag towards that, and a few other things. The reps from Lorna Jane were very friendly and easy to talk to. Jessica and I shared a few laughs with them before the workout.

Oh, BTW, they said twinsets are on trend, and this one of the outfits modeled:

The new POWER dressing. Do double time in active twin sets! #lornajane #activeliving #movenourishbelieve

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At first I wasn’t sure about it, but it actually kind of grew on me. And after watching last night’s (amazing) episode of Game of Thrones, I thought the pattern kind of reminded me of the Wildlings’ winter wear outfits, which is a YES in my opinion.  

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We left feeling refreshed, and I was happy I did something active on a Saturday. We also left with awesome SWAG BAGS! Christine Bullock did not disappoint! Here is a fuzzy photo (I need to get a new phone) of my swag bag items. My favorite item was the La Mer moisturizer.

I’m happy I was able to attend this special event! Thankfully, the husband could watch the kid while I was gone, but I gave him a break and took her for the rest of the day. Fun event!

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