Adventure City is even better the second time around


Earlier this month, some friends and I went to Adventure City with our kids. It was the first visit to this travel-themed theme park for our friends, and the second for us. We had a good time during our first visit to Adventure City, but this visit was even better!

It’s been nine months since our first visit. It’s amazing how much a child’s personality can change in that time frame. Before, my daughter was hesitant and a bit scared on a few rides. This time around, she knew what to expect and was bolder, daring, and brave. I must say, I have quite the daredevil on my hands!


I wish I had a chance to take a group photo, but it was hard enough to get everyone in the same place. It’s a good thing the park is small. That makes it easier to find friends if they want to go on a different ride.

We went on a Monday, before most schools get out, so there were no lines. However, even during high season (in the summer), the lines move pretty fast. My daughter loved it. If it were up to her, she would sit on the carousel the whole time!


I like to kick off the visit with a ride on the Adventure City Express Train because it takes you on a tour of the park. The employees and other guests wave to the riders, which my kid really enjoys.

The Crazy Bus ride frightened some of the newbies. My daughter loved it, which was comforting, because on our first visit, I had to ask them to stop it early!

The favorite ride of the day was Rescue 911. All the kids loved it, mainly because they have a wheel to steer, so it’s like they are driving. The adults can sit behind the kids if they want to, but my daughter wanted to go alone (even in her own car) the second ride of the day.


Only one other friend and I rode the Giggle Wheel with our kids, which is a mini ferris wheel. I was surprised, because it is one of the least adventurous rides! The face on it is really cute, which amused my daughter.


Barnstormer Planes were really fun too. I sat behind my daughter and she used the controls to raise the plane up and down. They didn’t move too fast, which was great, so we got a nice breeze on a relaxing flight.

My friend and I went on the Balloon Ride at different times with our respective children. I was surprised her and I had a similar vertigo feeling afterwards. Thankfully, the kids were ok. I guess it’s one of those signs that I’m just getting old!


I love the Petting Farm at Adventure City. It’s clean, there are plenty of brushes available, and the animals are very gentle. I think it’s really cool they have chickens too. I’m surprised my daughter didn’t try to catch one again!

We didn’t ride on the Freeway Coaster because I didn’t think my kid was ready for it. However, after seeing how daring she was during this second visit, we will definitely have to ride it on our third!

The shows are a hit with the kids because they use puppets and are interactive and engaging. It’s a good time for parents to get  breather. One of the things I love best about visiting theme parks with friends is you can take turns watching the kids or taking them on rides! We watched a show about safety and they gave out activity books (which kept my kid entertained on the ride home).



We had a great time and look forward to returning!

Here’s a little video I put together of the fun we had that day:

Adventure City is a fun theme park dedicated to your little ones. It makes a great day trip playdate for friends and families in the Los Angeles and neighboring areas. 

Adventure City

Located at:

1238 South Beach Blvd (between Ball and Cerritos)
Anaheim, California 
in the Hobby City Complex

For pricing and more information, visit their website:

disclaimer: I received complimentary admission as a blogger. All opinions are my own.