Aria Hope Art

In one year…

My daughter is going to turn four soon, and it’s quite amazing how much has changed in only one year. The beginning of three is SO DIFFERENT than the final months of three – especially in terms of personality, temperament, and developmental skills. One thing that really stands out is how good she’s gotten at drawing (yes, I am a #proudmom and this post will sound like a #mombrag but I don’t care!).

The Fisher Price Doodle Pro

Last year, I put a Fisher Price Doodle Pro on her Amazon Wish List, because she really liked a small version of it, which was a hand-me-down from a friend. Thankfully, we received two Fisher Price Doodle Pros  (but kept one) – one from my sister and her family, and one from my friends Maria and Richard, and their son Skye. It turned out to be one of the best gifts for her, and she really enjoys it.

How I learned How to Draw

I drew a lot at a young age, and if my mom saved anything I drew, I would have to search for it in the attic in their house across the country. I wish she remembered what age I started to draw, but I think it was around three or four. I didn’t attend preschool, but distinctly remember learning how to draw from this “How to Draw Baby Animals” book my older sister and I shared. My parents weren’t artists, so I learned how to draw from the book, and my sister.

Amazing Progress

Before I gave my daughter the Fisher Price Doodle Pro, she mainly drew scribbles. The more time she spent with it (she uses it every day), and the more I showed her different things (such as shapes, faces, etc.), the better she got. I started to take pictures to document her progress, and started her own Instagram feed for her art (@AriaHopeArt) to share with family and friends. I hope her interest continues, because I think really she has a gift for it (as I’ve been told by my artist friends)!

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Here’s some shots of her progress:

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