Backyard Wilderness 3D

IMAX Film Opens October 4th at the California Science Center

Created by Emmy Award-winning and Oscar® nominated filmmakers Andrew Young and Susan Todd, Backyard Wilderness 3D opens Friday, October 4th. This new IMAX film highlights interesting things you can discover in your own backyard…if you take a closer look. It follows a young girl named Katie and her family. Like most modern-day families, they are occupied with their screens instead of the natural world around them. Gradually, and through a school assignment, Katie discovers and appreciates the beauty of nature that surrounds her.

A spellbinding documentary capturing magical moments in nature that we rarely get to see on camera or in our day-to-day lives and puts them on a large and intense scale

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We watched a special screening of this movie and WOW is it fantastic. The trailer is cool, but you really have to see it in 3D and in IMAX to really experience the full effect. The filmmakers really gave the audience an in-depth look at nature, from so many different perspectives. At the Q&A after the film, we learned it took about three and a half years to complete the film. A lot of questions were about the cinematography, since it was so breathtaking. They used a special wind tunnel for one of the bird shots, and a deer that was already dead from a car accident for a predator and prey scene (which was very well done and explained the circle of life). Another interesting fact they mentioned was that the nest for the wood ducks was actually from a fallen tree in their yard. We had so many “favorite” scenes, it was difficult to choose one. Everyone in my family agreed the slow-motion “Free Fallin” duckling scene was pretty epic.

Film image provided by Backyard Wilderness 3D and used with permission

I really like how it made the point that too much unnecessary screen time is unproductive, but also showed better ways to use electronics. They promote the Seek by iNaturalist app, which uses the power of image recognition technology to identify the plants and animals all around you. I downloaded it immediately after watching the film and can’t wait to use it!

This is a film you will walk out of feeling amazed. It’s no wonder it’s won so many awards. The team at Archipelago Films said they have plans to make more films of this type, focusing on different countries!

Definitely take the family to see Backyard Wilderness 3D. It’s playing at The California Science Center starting October 4th, or check the film’s website for a location near you.

Backyard Wilderness 3D at the California Science Center

Film image provided by Backyard Wilderness 3D and used with permission

Opens Friday, October 4th.

The California Science Center also offers sensory friendly screenings of Backyard Wilderness in 2D for guests of all ages. Learn more about their sensory friendly screenings here.

Running time: 45 minutes


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