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Recently, we received the book “Humble Bumble,” to review. My friend Evelyn, who I know from Mom’s Group, is friends with Darren Lurie, the author of the book. 

About Humble Bumble

Humble Bumble is written by by Darren Lurie, and illustrated by Hillary Griffin
Published by Silly Monkey Productions

Humble Bumble is a sweet, short book about three sister worker bees – Grumble, Mumble, and Humble, whose names match their distinct personalities. It focuses on Humble, the youngest bee, who is is happy doing her job being with her sisters. Grumble, the tallest (and I assume eldest) bee, is good at her job but quite the complainer.

The hive suffers through a crisis, and Humble is the only one who takes initiative and saves them. In turn, Humble is offered several wonderful perks, which she politely declines.

Humble Bumble teaches children that being humble, modest, and brave are admirable qualities. It also shows that no matter how small you are, your positive actions can make a huge impact.

Humble Bumble – Story Time on The Alana Banana Show


Humble Bumble Giveaway

Together with Silly Monkey Productions, we are giving away TWO copies of the book, Humble Bumble!

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Silly Monkey Productions


Silly Monkey Productions produced Humble Bumble and The Alana Banana Show

Not just a children’s variety show,The Alana Banana Show features themes the children can learn from and relate to in an engaging and educational way. Children ages 2-5 won’t just watch, they’ll be whisked away to an island full of imagination and adventure where a mix of live action, puppetry and flash animation delight the senses.

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