“Care For A Donut” Care Bears & California Donut event review

The following post is by Westside Mommy contributor Aya Kimura Quan. Follow her kids’ gastronomic adventures at twolittlenomnoms.com and on instagram.

I have trouble believing the Care Bears are celebrating 35 years (of caring.) I remember loving these cute and cuddly bears that conquered any obstacles with love for all living things. I was excited to hear they were making a comeback, so I could share a piece of my childhood with my daughter.

When Westside Mommy invited us to go to a Care Bear donut event, I jumped on it faster than you could say, “Care Bear stare!”

The event was held at a cool/chic office space completely decked out with Care Bear decorations and goods; from a “blanket” made from Grumpy Bear to a Lego-esque toddler size Cheer Bear.

The other highlight of the event was the donuts, supplied by California Donuts. They are known for their cutesy donut designs, and they did not disappoint with their Care Bear-inspired donuts. They were almost too cute to eat…almost.
Since this was a donut decorating party, California Donuts let you be the master of your donuts. First, you start off at the dipping station. Then, you choose from chocolate, vanilla or strawberry pink frosting. Finally, the pièce de résistance: toppings! Rainbow sprinkles, mini M&Ms, Lucky charms, Fruity Pebbles, and an assortment os sauces was just the beginning. If you dreamt, they had it.

Our donuts

My daughter’s donut (pictured above) was topped with lucky charms, mini m&ms, and rainbow sprinkles. My donut was boring compared to many others, but I got pretty wild with the marshmallow fluff on top.


EzPz was there showing off their new line of placemats with their first-ever big brand collaboration with the Care Bears. It launches in September 2017. Their awesome suction silicone placemats will have a Care Bear face in the middle, inciting delight and joy to any kid.

It was an amazing way to start of a Saturday morning, my daughter and I had a great sugar high from our fried confections. A great way to kick off the weekend. You can’t go wrong with donuts and Care Bears.

Care Bears


California Donuts




Disclaimer: Westside Mommy was not monetarily compensated for this post. We received a media invite to attend this event. All opinions are 100% honest and belong to the author of this post.