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Last Sunday, I attended an invite-only brunch at The Hotel Wilshire, hosted by CareLuLu, a child care and preschool search website. I met fellow bloggers and media moms Elise Edwards (, Melissa Dell (, Angela Camacho (, and Melissa Horchen ( Because I am in the midst of searching for a preschool for my daughter (and ready to tear my hair out), the timing of this informational brunch for CareLuLu was perfect! I really enjoyed talking to husband and wife founders, Patrick and Jen, who started CareLuLu after an arduous search for childcare and preschool for their two daughters. They joked that CareLuLu is like their third child. It’s nice to relate to the people behind the site, knowing they have similar standards for child care as you.

Site Features

Easy to Navigate

The site is easy to navigate, and has several search options. It’s simple and clean, with no cluttering ads or annoying pop-ups. Because the founders are parents, they know time is scarce, and focusing on the task at hand is key. is easy, clean, and straightforward.

Unique search options

Besides the standard search options, there are helpful added filters. Those filters include: peanut free, tree-nut free, video cameras, live streaming, as well as languages (including sign language).

The map

I like the map, that refreshes when moved. As a heavy Google Map user, it eliminates the need to copy and paste, which saves an extra step for me.

All in one place

CareLuLu has everything in one place, formatted easily with current information. Jen and Patrick said if you don’t receive a response after a few days of your inquiry, they will follow-up with the provider to make sure the facility received your inquiry.


CareLulu is a FREE resource and reference for parents.

Time Saver

I’ve checked out several other sites, but CareLuLu is definitely one that gets to the point, and is a big time saver.

Los Angeles Launch

CareLuLu is already a great resource for parents in the Washington, D.C. metro area looking for day care or preschools. Because they recently launched in Los Angeles, they are constantly updating the database with new listings. Check out to see if it’s available in your area!

Pics from the informational brunch at The Hotel Wilshire:

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