Dining at Sharky’s and their new menu item – Organic Roasted Vegetable Bowl

I have fond memories of Sharky’s – I used to eat there at least once a week with coworkers when I worked in Beverly Hills. Even after our office moved from walking distance to driving distance, we still made the trek. It was the perfect lunch stop for our allotted one hour break – fresh, quick, and on the healthier side. Since then, their menu expanded to include more salads, power plates, and more. Today, my family and I ate lunch there and tried their newest menu item – the Organic Roasted Vegetable Bowl (added steak). In addition to the bowl, we also tried Nachos Grande (with chicken), and the red and white sangria. Our meal was compliments of Sharky’s, to help promote the restaurant and new menu item.

Organic Roasted Vegetable Bowl

The Organic Roasted Vegetable Bowl is a very hearty dish. I personally LOVE roasted veggies, and it’s my preferred way of cooking them. I added steak to this meal, which makes it even more protein packed. Without the steak, it’s a vegan meal. You have the choice to add black or pinto beans (I chose black), and the vegetables vary by season. The veggies in my bowl consisted of: carrots, yam, spinach, onion, beets, zucchini, and cauliflower. Everything is organic, including the brown rice and quinoa. I like the walnut-cilantro pesto dressing, but if you are allergic to either one of those items (like a few people I know), you can ask them to omit it.

At $10.99 (for the bowl itself. Steak is an additional $5.00), and an average of 584 calories, 29g of protein, and 14g of fat, it’s definitely a guilt-free meal in my book.

Nacho Grande with Chicken

They aren’t kidding when they call this “grande”. My family and I would have been satisfied eating only this for lunch. I really like their chips, because they are light, with just the right amount of salt. It’s a great sharing meal (I can’t imagine anyone eating this entire thing themselves, but then again I’ve been known to have an appetite…), or an appetizer for a group of 4 or more.

Note for next time: ask for jalapeños on the side. My daughter accidentally ate one, hidden under the guacamole and started to cry. Thankfully, the staff was nice enough to give me a complimentary mini guacamole for her on the side after that incident.


We turned our Saturday lunch into “Sangria Saturday,” and tried both red and white sangria options. They were both delicious and fruity. What I appreciate at the Beverly Hills Sharky’s (I haven’t been to any of the other locations), is when you dine-in, the food arrives at your table on real plates, and drinks in glassware. It makes the food taste better, and the experience a little nicer. Definitely a plus when it comes to “adult beverages.”

Sustainable, local, organic, non-GMO ingredients

I appreciate the effort Sharky’s goes through to serve quality ingredients at their restaurants. The meats are all natural, the fish wild-caught, and produce, beans, rice, and other ingredients are organic when possible. It really makes a difference in taste and quality.

Definitely give Sharky’ss a try if you haven’t already!

Sharky’s Woodfired Mexican Grill


Disclaimer: Sharky’s invited me to dine at their restaurant in exchange for an honest review on westsidemommy.com. All opinions are honest and 100% my own. 


I am a new mom to a baby girl. I live in West Los Angeles. This blog is about my experiences as a new mom and navigating my way through kid-friendly L.A.

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