DoorDash: reliable food delivery at your fingertips

Prior to having a kid, I rarely ordered food for delivery. Now that we have a kid, we order pizza at least one every two weeks. It’s not even the good kind. It’s decent enough to satisfy a craving and affordable enough so it doesn’t break the bank. When I heard about DoorDash, that changed everything.

I learned about DoorDash at the Club MomMe Stroll N’ Run 5K. Club MomMe always has the latest and greatest vendors at their events! I spoke with the founder of DoorDash and learned about their great on-demand delivery service for area restaurants and even drugstores! They charge a flat fee for your order, so you can order as much or as little as you want. The service is available online or through the App.

He offered me a chance to try DoorDash on the house.

This was my experience:

7:06pm: Text from husband – “Coming home now. You can order the yellow curry with chicken, level 4 spicy”

7:15pm: Placed order with Emporium Thai Cuisine  on my Android phone through the DoorDash App

7:59pm: Text from DoorDash

Text from DoorDash

8:05pm: Text from DoorDash

Text from DoorDash


8:05pm: Knock at door and food is delivered! Delivery person was very friendly.

8:06pm: Text from DoorDash confirming delivery and offer code to use the service again

8:15pm: Husband and I enjoying our dinner together on paper plates so we won’t have to do dishes

This was my plate of food:

This is how I felt about the food

This is how I feel about DoorDash

Here’s an offer for YOU to try DoorDash

$10 for first time customers to try DoorDash Code: WESTSIDEMOMMY