Four products from Vive Health to help you deal with child care injuries

Parenthood has it’s ups and downs. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I had no idea how many injuries I was susceptible to because of it. From pregnancy to delivery to child-rearing, many parents don’t realize how they have to take care of themselves in addition to the bundle of joy. Here are a few products that might help you deal with issues surprisingly common while taking care of children – in and outside of the womb!

Universal Wrist Brace


Like most women, I lacked sleep. The main reason was not because I had to wake up to use the restroom so frequently, but because my fingers, wrists, and arm became numb in my sleep. I suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome during pregnancy and it was bad. It’s common during the last trimester of pregnancy. I don’t remember how many months I had to deal with it, but it felt like forever. The doctor recommended I wear wrist braces at night. Not exactly the most comfortable thing to wear, especially when sleeping positions are limited, but it helped.

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Universal Arthritis Thumb Brace


After my daughter was born, I rejoiced because I no longer suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome. However, two weeks later, I made another trip to the doctor because of the terrible pain I felt in my thumb. Once again, I suffered from another common medical condition – De Quervain’s condition, also known as “Mommy Thumb.” The condition usually stems from stress on the wrist resulting from lifting a baby frequently. The doctor told me to wear a thumb brace for a few weeks, and if that didn’t work, I could get a cortisone shot. I was so upset when the doctor said I couldn’t get the shot right away, but apparently wearing the thumb brace is the first stage of healing.

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Universal Lower Back Brace


This is a product that will help moms and dads! Children, no matter how much they weigh, can take a toll on the lower back from frequent lifting. My kid is three and even though she can walk, I still carry her on occasion. My husband carries her more than I do (usually on his shoulders), but we both are exhausted at the end of the day. The Universal Back Brace from Vive Health is made with a lightweight material, and secures in place with a double layer of fastening straps. It features a removable lumbar pad for additional stability, and is universally sized.

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Bamboo Knee Support



Some of the worst injuries come from the most unassuming activities. A good friend of mine injured herself from getting up from a cross-legged sitting position. She had to have surgery for it and was out of commission for two weeks.

The Vive bamboo knee support is specifically designed to alleviate knee pain in individuals suffering from arthritis, tendonitis, sprains, and more. Made with a bamboo-charcoal hybrid material, it provides support and compression to sore knees, soothing inflammation by increasing circulation to the affected area. It is machine washable for easy cleaning, and features antimicrobial fibers that keep it hygienic and fresh.

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