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10 Reasons Why I’m Excited About The Gilmore Girls Revival on Netflix


I know I’m late to the party, but I’m so glad I marathoned the entire Gilmore Girls series on Netflix a few months ago. Oddly enough, I started watching right before hearing rumors about revival episodes. Now I’m on the edge of my seat, waiting for Netflix to announce when the new episodes are available.

**If you haven’t seen any Gilmore Girls episodes, please note: this post contains spoilers**

I can’t wait to see how much has Stars Hollow has or hasn’t changed.

I love how the setting of the fictional town of Stars Hollow is a character in itself. The first season of Gilmore Girls did a great job of capturing the quirkiness of the town and it’s storybook-like residents such as Kirk, Miss Patty, Taylor, and Babette. I’m guessing (and hoping) it hasn’t changed much, and that gossip is still the preferred mode of news in this small town.

Rory’s Boyfriends

I heard all Rory’s ex-boyfriends make an appearance in the revival.

Dean, her first boyfriend, was sweet but then got annoying in later episodes. I hope I’m not the only one who cringed when Rory decided he would be her first. At the beginning, Dean was cute. But as she show progressed, he became less and less attractive.

Jess, the anti-Dean, was my favorite. Not my favorite for Rory, but because he was interesting and he never slept with or pressured Rory into sleeping with him. I watched Heroes before Gilmore Girls, so Milo Ventimiglia was already a familiar face to me, so that kind of has something to do with him being my favorite. I have a feeling he will play a big part in the revival series and his character will be an accomplished author, which will make him very attractive to Rory.

Logan was a character that grew on me. I didn’t like him much at first, and actually for awhile. Near the end, he was somewhat likable, but I’m really glad Rory declined his proposal. He turned out to be more of a bad boy than Jess, but because he was wealthy, it was excusable – quite the reflection of society.

Emily Gilmore

I love how Emily Gilmore was somewhat of an “evil mother” in the series. As a mother myself, I can see how she meant well but was misunderstood. If I watched this show prior to motherhood, I probably would have viewed her more through Lorelai’s eyes. As the series drew to a close, she had her own set of issues to deal with and really evolved.

With the passing of Edward Herrmann in 2014, it will be sad and interesting to see how they address the death of Mr. Gilmore.

Lane and the twins

It was really surprising how Lane’s fate turned out in the series. I’m curious to see how old the twins are in the revival and Lane had any more kids. She was a cute character. I was happy to see her and Rory’s friendship endure through everything.

Lorelai and Luke

I knew from the first episode of Gilmore Girls that Lorelai and Luke would end up together – it was just a matter of how many “will they” or “won’t they’s” they had to go through. They still left us hanging in the end, without a wedding scene, so that did catch me by surprise but it made perfect sense and of course left us wondering. I have a feeling regardless if they got married or not, we will see one, if not two children!


I got so attached to this show I cried at almost every milestone in Rory’s life. I blame my mom hormones on that because I thought of my own daughter with each tear. I cried the most during her high school graduation. I love her relationship with her mother, which made it difficult to watch the episodes when she turned against her.

Rory was such a great example of a fairytale princess equivalent for intelligent girls – beautiful, smart, humble, socially awkward, charming, confident, and self-aware. She still made mistakes, and that’s how she stayed relatable to the viewers.

Quirky Kirk

Kirk is an odd bird that kept the show quirky. He’s like an exotic animal thrown into a movie to keep you on your toes and to remind you how fictional the show is. I have a feeling each subsequent episode will reveal an even more ridiculous fact about his life that will leave us shaking our heads saying, “Oh, Kirk!”

Their Voracious Appetite

The unofficial cookbook, Eat Like a Gilmore pokes fun at Rory and Lorelai’s voracious appetite and provides recipes inspired by the show. A modern day fairytale, the Gilmore Girls manage to maintain their svelte figures while consuming calorie-laden takeout and restaurant food and despising exercise. Part of the humor of Gilmore Girls is their voracious appetite, so I hope they continue the trend in the revival.

How many kids will Sookie and Jackson have?

An on-going joke in the series was how often Sookie got pregnant. Did she finally convince Jackson to get a vasectomy or do they have enough kids to work the farm? I read they weren’t sure if she was going to find time to shoot the revival because of her busy schedule, but I’m so glad she will be in it because it won’t be complete without Lorelai’s best friend and confidant.

Guest appearances

I’m thrilled about the Gilmore Girls revival, and I’m sure there will be some guest appearances. I loved seeing the “before the became famous” cameos in the original series, specifically Chad Michael Murray, Adam Brody, Seth McFarlane, and Jon Hamm. I wouldn’t be surprised if any of them showed up in one way or another!