I Laughed So hard at #IMOMSOHARD LIVE

Last Saturday, June 17th, my friend Claudia and I laughed so hard at I MOM SO HARD LIVEKristin Hensley and Jen Smedley are the hilarious duo also known as I MOM SO HARD, more recently known for their “I Swimsuit Season So Hard” video, with over 18M views to date. #IMOMSOHARD is the hashtag of this comedic pair’s theme, which focuses on “everything mom” in a humorous light.

Kristin and Jen made the 1600+ seat Theater at the Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles feel like an intimate “mom’s night in” — chatting with each other, interacting with the crowd, and at times, performing…all while drinking (red) wine. “You’re going to all be on the same cycle after this,” they mentioned, and that was only the beginning of our fun bonding moments.

By intermission, I literally had tears in my eyes from laughing so much. Watching Kirsten and Jen perform is like having two best friends who make your worst days as a mom feel so much better, and more importantly, normal. They commiserated over new (and not so attractive) biological functions after mom-hood (read: vagina talk), expectations and realities in the bedroom after children, explored mom-purses (someone actually brought a Louis Vuitton bag with nothing in it but a donut seat cushion), answered audience questions (or life gripes), shared their love for a certain Game of Thrones character, and showed how simple and powerful it can be to build a mom friend up with a few positive words. It was non-stop entertainment, including video clips and more.

Kirstin and Jen ended the almost two-hours of bonding experience with a show-stopping performance that involved undergarments. The audience (including myself) left wanting more.

P.S. Photographs and video are not permitted during the show, so be sure to put away your phone and enjoy the performance. Here are some pics I took before the performance. 


#IMOMSOHARD Mom’s Night Out: Summer Break Tour is sponsored by Yoplait. They gave away delicious samples before the show, so be sure to get there early!

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Disclaimer: No monetary compensation was made for this post. I requested tickets and attended this event as a member of the media. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. Top image from I MOM SO HARD.