“Incredibles 2” and the power of Mom

Over the Labor Day weekend, I finally watched the summer Pixar hit, “Incredibles 2“. Thankfully, it returned to theaters over the weekend, so my family and I were able to have the full-movie experience. I absolutely loved it! This post contains spoilers, so if you haven’t seen it and like to be surprised, revisit this post after watching the movie.

First off, writer and director Brad Bird does an amazing job creating layered stories that entertain adults as well as children. I remember watching “Incredibles” 14 years ago, long before I was married with a child, and thoroughly enjoying it. Incredibles 2 touches on relevant topics (such as politics, “fake news”, and the effects of screen time) from a different point of view, and puts family matters in an entertaining light.

My favorite theme of Incredibles 2 is Mrs. Incredible/Elastigirl’s return to the workforce as the primary provider. The conversation between Mr. and Mrs. Incredible and the cost benefit to the family is very relatable. When Mrs. Incredible is offered an amazing job opportunity, Mr. Incredible argues it would be better if he went back to a former desk job he loathed instead of his wife taking the plunge. Mrs. Incredible acts as most mothers would, when given the opportunity of a lifetime – thinks of her family first and makes sure her husband is ok with her decision.

Eventually, Mr. Incredible does take on the main caretaker role. Although my family does not have superhero powers, I can completely relate to their selective nature on who watches their children (p.s. the Edna Mode scene was great). Seeing Mr. Incredible’s transition from “exhausted parent” to “understanding father” was handled well and hopefully drove the point across to dads in the audience who think they can’t “parent”. It’s interesting how audiences are more sympathetic to a man’s trials and tribulations as caretaker, while a woman’s skill to mother is expectantly inherited.

On the job, Mrs. Incredible/Elastigirl, takes her children’s phone calls no matter how small the issue, and reassures her husband she will drop everything if she’s needed back home. At home, Mr. Incredible shows us he can handle the domestic duties and even experienced some amazing milestones (“Jack-Jack has powers!”).

In the end, the “Incredibles” prove anything is possible if your family works together as a team.

my rating for INCREDIBLES 2

 – 5 hearts out of 5

Disclosure: I paid for and watched this movie with my family like everyone else. No monetary compensation was exchanged for this post. All opinions are honest and 100% my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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