JANM Free Family Days: Mele Kalikimaka


Today, we met up with friends at the Japanese American National Museum for their Free Family Day, “Mele Kalikimaka,” which means “Merry Christmas” in Hawaiian. It ran from 11am – 4:00pm, but we only stayed for a small portion because the kids’ attention span isn’t very long. We had a fun time and had lunch afterwards. Here is what we did:

We decorated a mini paper palm tree


Aria was really into using scissors. So she trimmed the tree.


The top of the tree fell off when she was cutting it, so we had to tape it back on. There were stickers and mini beads and lights to decorate the palm tree.

We stamped a card


They provided stamps, stamp pads, and pre-stamped cards to decorate, all with a Hawaiian theme. It was a fun activity, and something cute to keep and put on the tree.

We built a Hawaiian-style snowman


This was a simple and very cool craft! It’s made out of two socks, stuffing, rubber bands, buttons, a pipe cleaner, a piece of cloth for the scarf, and glue!

Took a photo with Asian American Santa


Aria still isn’t completely comfortable being around Santa and usually cries or just wants to wave. This time, we got as close as a “high-five.” The photo booth was provided by Nerdbot Photo Booth. Pictures with Santa at the event were completely free, and we took home two copies.

More activities we didn’t get a chance to attend

I wish we could have stayed longer, but my toddler’s attention span didn’t last very long. We missed making a festive paper lantern, attending any ukulele workshops and performances. Overall, it was a very fun event, and hopefully she will last longer if we attend next year!

For more information

The Japanese American National Museum is located at: 100 North Central Avenue. Los Angeles, CA 90012
Website: www.janm.orgFacebook: facebook.com/jamuseum

Free Family Days at JANM: janm.org/events/familyfestivals/

The next event is January 3rd, 2016:
2016 Oshogatsu Family Festival – Year of the Monkey website