Weekend Highlights: Shopping, Pick Pico, and Alicia in Wonderland Photography Garden Party

This past weekend was another eventful weekend. I hung out with my friend “T” who was in town, went out with my husband and some friends for dinner, went to a street fair, and attended a photographer’s garden party.


Shopping at Lorna Jane

My friend “T” has a pretty sweet gig. She travels to hotels around the country and writes spa reviews for a spa industry magazine. She was in town this weekend reviewing the spa at a hotel in Santa Monica. The last time she was in town, we went shopping for workout clothes at Lorna Jane at Santa Monica Place and I bought a pair of capri workout tights, which I love. This time, we went shopping there again, and I bought three workout bottoms! T is a great shopping partner and friend because she is honest and fun to shop with. We didn’t have much time to hang, because her spa appointment was at noon, but it’s always good catching up with her. I think shopping at Lorna Jane is going to be our thing whenever she comes to town.

Happy Hour with friends, thanks to Pamper and Play

I’m so happy I bought hours for Pamper and Play’s parent’s time out. Saturday was the second time we used it (the first time was so my husband and I could watch Mad Max: Fury Road at 9:30 in the morning!). We went to happy hour at The Back House Restaurant around the corner, on Pico in West L.A. Some friends of ours (who don’t have kids) met up with us, and we all had a good time hanging out and eating without having to worry about the kid (my kid is quite the picky eater and doesn’t like to sit still in the high chair).


Pick Pico neighborhood street fair

photographed by Melissa

photographed by Melissa

I’d never been to it before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was under the impression Pico boulevard was going to be blocked off for the fair. It turned out to be a very condensed event, which took place in the parking lot and alley behind and near the Chase bank near Overland. We went through it pretty quick, but it was cool to learn about the businesses around there that I didn’t know about before. My friend and her family met up with us. Her kid enjoyed their free allotted 5 minutes of time in the bounce house, while my kid freaked out after one minute in the bounce house. We tried some free samples: pasta and bread from Louise’s Trattoria, pizza from Domino’s, and some soda samples from BevMo. I entered a raffle and won (they called me today) a free child and parent haircut from Lil’ Locks, which is at Westside Pavilion Mall! Overall, a cute, neighborhood event I will probably check out again next year.

Garden Party and Studio Tour of Alicia in Wonderland Photography in the South Bay


This photo I took does not do it justice. This is just a small portion of the expansive garden.

My daughter and I had a wonderful time at this garden party. Alicia found me online and invited me as a blogger. I invited my friend Kim and her son (who live in the South Bay), who I haven’t seen in awhile, so it was also a great way to catch up with them. Alicia’s garden is beautiful. We were the first to arrive (I thought it would take a lot longer than it did to drive there). I was amazed at how spacious and beautiful it was. She really did create a “wonderland.” There were little walking paths, a gazebo, and ornate metal chairs placed throughout. It looked wild, yet planned. Near the indoor photo studio, there was a big play house with plenty of toys. My daughter had a hard time choosing which space she wanted to play in more – the giant play house, or the mini (but perfectly sized for toddlers) bounce house-ball bit combo. There were plenty of vintage furniture pieces and toys throughout, which make great props.


Kids drum circle entertainment at Alicia in Wonderland garden party by Peas and Peaches

Kristi Richardson, of Peas and Peaches, provided interactive music entertainment for the party. My daughter really enjoyed it, and so did the rest of the kids. She provided toys to match some of the songs and got the kids really moving. My favorite part was when she brought out the giant drum. It was the cutest drum circle ever. Kristi has a really sweet vibe and does a great job of holding the kids’ attention.

Alicia offered a mini photo session for my daughter and me after the party. I posed for a few shots with my daughter, but since it was late in the day (and she was really tired), I just let her run around the garden so Alicia could take photos of just her. I can’t wait to see them!

Tea and Dessert at Loews Santa Monica

I met up with T before she left. We had tea and dessert at Loews in Santa Monica. It was the perfect place for us to chill because it’s quiet and not scene-y. I was really thankful my husband was able to stay at home with the kid so I could catch up one last time with my friend.

Overall, it was a pretty good weekend.