Kanji Hanko – A Unique Gift Idea

Hanko is an original stamp, historically and popularly used in East Asia in place of a signature. Kanji is the Japanese system of writing, adopted from Chinese characters. Kanji Hanko is a family-based business based in Hiroshima, Japan, which takes this idea to create an original stamp for you! Like a tattoo, you can customize your Kanji Hanko stamp to suit your personality, or create your own picture for your personalized stamp.

Ways to express yourself

Kanji to suit your personality

Here is an example of how Kanji Hanko can find the best characters to suit your personality. The Kanji Hanko website has a list of popular Kanji symbols, but the possibilities are endless!

Use a picture for your stamp

The owners created a stamp for one of their sons, using his photo and name. This is a super-cute way to mark your child’s possessions!

A stamp for your business

Use a stamp for your business! Kanji Hanko, despite the name, isn’t limited to characters. Make your mark with your logo!

Makes a great gift and has practical uses

My husband and I got a custom Kanji Hanko when we got married, and we got another one after our daughter was born. It’s a cute and unique gift to give to yourself or to a friend!

Hanko is commonly gifted for: weddings, birthdays, births, and graduation.

Hanko is commonly used for martial arts dojo, artist stamp, signature for letters (I like to use mine on the seal of an envelope), and for doing business in Japan.

Custom Materials

Currently, there are seven choices of materials to choose from: wood; red tempered wood; black horn (most popular); marble horn (very unique); titanium; artificial ivory; and white tusk. Each material (except white tusk) can be round or square. White tusk only comes in the round shape.

Beautiful packaging

Each Hanko comes beautifully gift-wrapped and will arrive to you safely! They deliver to hotels in Hiroshima, and worldwide shipping is only $10 (In Japan only $5)!

Kanji Hanko


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Disclaimer: Westside Mommy did not receive compensation for this post. I did receive a complimentary Hanko as a gift, and personally know the family who owns this business. As always, all opinions are 100% honest and my own. Images provided by Kanji Hanko and used with permission. I hope to visit Hiroshima one day!