KAYO Body Care Review

By Aya Kimura

When Westside Mommy asked me to review a body care system, KAYO better body care; I jumped at the chance. I mean, who would say no? I get to pamper myself with luxurious body care! I love skincare, albeit it has mostly been face products. I have never really worried about the rest of my body, but reading about KAYO’s philosophy I realize that my body skin is just as important as my face.

Kayo believes in protecting, enhancing, and rejuvenating the other 95% of your skin, rather than just the 5% on your face.

They also developed a body care system that is pure enough to use on your face, but specially formulated for your body, which they call Face Grade Body Care®. Which for a busy mom who barely has time to take a proper shower AND use product for your face or body; for me the face always won. With KAYO, you don’t have to choose, you can use their products on your body AND face, if you’re in a time crunch situation. How awesome is that?
I was lucky enough try these KAYO products:

The Body Beautiful Crème  $58 (8oz)

The Body Beautiful Crème is a light cream that absorbs quickly into infusing your skin with super hydrating omega oil blend and hyaluronic acid, it also has CoQ10 and KAYO’s super fruit antioxidant blend to aid in keeping your skin radiant and youthful. The scent of this crème is very light and not overpowering, to me it was reminiscent of cake batter. As the base of their products, it is a fantastic stand alone cream, but you can customize your body care needs with their other serums. A little goes a long way, 5 pumps of the crème covered my whole body.

Daily Remodeling Serum $46 (4oz)

This is where the fun begins, I kind of felt like an alchemist mixing the serums together to blend into the crème before applying it to my body. A few pumps of the Daily Remodeling Serum, that is rich with copper peptides which is known for their restorative abilities. It helps promote new growth of collagen and elastin, as well as remove damaged collagen and elastin from the skin and scar tissue, because they activate the skin’s system responsible for those functions. Bye, bye stretch marks from my last pregnancy…or at least a lot less noticeable.

Concentrated Slimming Serum (2016 winner of SHAPE beauty award) $46 (4oz)

The Concentrated Slimming Serum is the product with the highest accolade, winning the 2016 Shape beauty award. It contains a botanical firming complex that helps firm and tighten skin wherever you apply it. It has caffeine in it which constricts the blood vessels to temporarily reduce swelling, aiding in the appearance of a tighter stomach, thighs, butt; and my favorite, less dark and puffy under eye circles! So I look like I slept for a solid 8 hours. It is suggested that any pregnant or nursing mother speak with their OB/GYN when using any products with a stimulant, like caffeine.

Daily Vitamin Boost $56 (2oz)

I was really interested and excited about the Daily Vitamin Boost serum, I stopped taking my daily vitamins for a couple days to do a little experiment on how much of the vitamins would get absorbed in through my skin. The Daily Vitamin Boost contains vitamins B3, B5, C, D3, E and K. These combinations of vitamins help protect your skin against environmental stressors. After one application of the Daily Vitamin Boost, my urine had the slight fluorescent tinge that comes from proper absorption of vitamins! WOW! Now it can’t replace your actual daily vitamin intake (darn), but I was impressed that it actually absorbed so deeply. It confirms that you do have to be conscious of what you apply on to your skin, since it truly does absorb whatever you put on it.

In conclusion…

The KAYO products are worth every penny, especially since they really take care and pride in creating a body care system that works with you. Each of their serums and crème was developed to help enhance the largest organ on our body.

All of their products are all vegan, never tested on animals, and made in the U.S.A.


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Aya Kimura

Aya is a professional esthetician. She also is an avid organizer, loves to clean, and is an excellent cook. Both her children benefit from babywearing, organic meals, and her interest in innovative baby products. Aya loves attending baby-centered events, foodie events, and has a natural talent for bringing people together.