KCON 2017 was my crash course in Korean beauty products

This weekend, I attended KCON – a huge convention which celebrates Korean pop music, TV shows, movies, fashion, food, and beauty. Two friends helped me navigate the sensory-overloaded event: Betty, a Korean mom of two living on the Westside; and Christine, a University student from Canada, who traveled to L.A. for this event, specifically for the K-pop concerts.

Disclaimer: I was invited to KCON as a member of the media and received general admission tickets. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are 100% my own.

(L-R): Betty, Christine, Me (Ruby)

Arrive early and wear comfortable shoes

I’m so glad we arrived early. No only were we able to find a parking spot in a reasonably priced lot near the L.A. Convention Center, but we were part of the first wave of people to get in. The lines formed early, and the crowd was excited to enter. There’s a lot of walking, so comfortable shoes are a must.

Bring the kid?

Even though the event is kid-friendly (I saw a few strollers and little ones), I’m glad I didn’t bring my daughter. Some lines were pretty long, and I doubt my daughter would have the patience to wait, especially for things only I was interested in. Thankfully, she had school, and I had a good friend to watch her while I enjoyed my day at KCON! (Thank you, friends!)

For those who do want to bring their kid, there are some things they would enjoy, such as a video game area, dance-offs, food samples, and more.

Korean Beauty Products

Betty and I had a blast on Day 1 (Friday) exploring the beauty product booths and acquiring free samples. I returned late Sunday, which wasn’t a good day for samples. I don’t really have a regular skincare routine, so it was really fun to explore everything at the event. Korean skincare is hailed as some of the best in the world.

Face Masks

Practically every brand touted a face mask, with varying beneficial properties. From anti-wrinkle to moisturizing, there was a unique mask for every need. They’re pretty affordable (most were about $1 – $3 each), and several had special KCON discounts.

My Beauty Diary

I learned about cushion foundation

April Skin

Cushion foundation is foundation makeup soaked into a cushion, packaged in a compact. You use another cushion or puff, to apply. Many use it for lightening, color-correcting, and contouring their face, so there are several different offerings. It’s a quick and easy way to apply and touch up makeup on the go.

The brand innisfree is very popular and had a “create your own” area in their booth.

Jeju Island

Many brands, such as innisfree and QyoQyo tout ingredients sustainably sourced from Jeju Island – a world-class clean island known for it’s natural wonders, clean air, volcanic soil, and natural mineral water. Jeju Island is one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

KISS Lashes

The KISS Lashes booth offered complementary lashes and lash application! Betty has never worn fake lashes before, so it was fun to see her experience it for the first time. They applied a more natural lash for her, while I opted for ones that were a little thicker.

A cool new way to polish nails

I got a sample of SEP Beauty liquid sticker for nails. It’s no smell, easy peel-off nail polish. No acetone required! This video from their website shows it in action:

Other KCON Stuff we saw

After attending KCON, I want to try watching some Korean dramas and listen to some K-Pop music. The fans were passionate and the energy was intense! It was definitely a fun first step into this part of Korean culture. The food area was a bit pricey and the lines could get long. One friend waited an hour to purchase bulgogi fries for $10. There were several dance-offs, dance lessons, and fun things happening on various stages. We experienced a 4D mini movie, and took pictures with some K-pop singer cutouts. Fun times at KCON with friends. Definitely a nice “mom’s day out.”

Beauty Brands & Booths I liked at KCON


My Beauty Diary


Qyo Qyo


Beauty Crush

Olive Young

Let’s K-Beauty

E Nature