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Local Kickstarter to Back: Neapol Goes to Ice School – a Children’s Picture Book

Neapol Goes to Ice School – a Children’s Picture Book by Dave and Sophie Phillips

I went to grade school where most of the students, including myself, had a parent in the military. There was a constant rotation of students leaving and arriving, cliques never really formed. That was all I knew until my father retired from the Navy and moved our family across the country. I started seventh grade at a pre-K through 8th grade private school where 95% of my classmates knew each other before they could write their own name.  Needless to say, it was quite the challenge as a preteen. However, making new friends is something I’ve had to encounter over and over again – in high school, college, the workforce, moving to L.A., dating, meeting my boyfriend’s (now husband’s) friends, and meeting other moms.

This is a Kickstarter project that I really believe in. Neapol Goes to Ice School is a children’s picture book about difference and acceptance in the form of stylistically drawn, yet adorable characters borrowed from ice cream novelties. It’s a story we can all relate to – being the new kid in school, and being different. Created by stay-at-home dad and freelance illustrator David Phillips, with his wife Sophie, it’s a book inspired by their two adorable children, that’s been a few years in the making.  

Sophie and David are an artistic couple with talents that compliment one another. Sophie and I met about 10 years ago (wow, I can’t believe it’s been that long) and became friends while working together as creative designers. I’ve always admired her vision and style, which is inspired by her French & Vietnamese background. David is a very talented illustrator. A lot of his work on his site, creativematador.com, have socioeconomic themes which make you stop and think twice. I’m such a fan of his illustrations, I asked him to create characters for the logo of my online vintage clothing store, Animal Snapcrackers. So when I heard they were making a children’s book, I was ecstatic and wanted to spread the word.

Their goal is to self-publish and sell the book. It’s written, and complete, and just needs to get printed and marketed. I’d really love to see them reach their goal. The book’s message is relatable to kids and adults alike, and there are some really cool rewards (I am in love with the mugs) associated with the various pledge levels. I encourage you to check out their campaign, pledge, and help get the word out!

Neapol Goes to Ice School on Kickstarter