L.A. Times Festival of Books Recap

Since I had to work that day, my husband Josh covered the L.A. Times Festival of Books and brought our daughter along for the experience. Below is his post.

As a parent, I am continually searching for unique methods to inspire my daughter. No matter what technology may devise however, 9 times out of 10, whenever there is reason to give her a gift, it ends up being a great book. That is why I was so happy to find out about the LA Times Festival of Books, now in it’s 22nd year.

I attended with my daughter on Sat. April 21st, and not only did we have a great time browsing the multitude of booths, but we were suitably overwhelmed with positive messages about self-confidence, education, and empathy, to name a few. We spent the entire day in the kids area, but I must admit I am a sucker for children’s books, and probably would have spent most of my time there anyway, even without her in tow. 

Among the highlights of our day were:

This event is extremely well-organized, thoroughly entertaining, and yup!  Inspiring!  I can’t wait to return with her again for years to come.

Westside Mommy attended this free-to-the public event with a press pass. All opinions belong to the author. This post contains affiliate links and ads.

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