LA DanceFit Dance Team Update: Week 1

Last Saturday, I attended my first class/rehearsal for LA DanceFit Studio’s Adult Dance Team (Wil to Dance Hip Hop). Since the team is so big (around 15-20 people, I believe), there are two rehearsal days (Tuesday or Saturday) available to accommodate everyone’s schedule. That was extremely helpful, since I couldn’t attend the one on Tuesday. It was so much fun! The 1.5 hours of instruction was great. It was a workout for the body AND mind!

Rehearsal One

Our instructor, Wil-son Williams

Everyone I saw at orientation was there, and then some. Wil (Wil-son Williams), the instructor, greeted us then got to business. Before playing the music, he went straight into teaching us the first 8-count. I really like his style of teaching, because he used a multitude of methods to help us remember the steps. One of them was to make us repeat out loud which foot to use first, or which direction to move. Wil-son has taught dance all over Los Angeles, at gyms and dance studios before opening LA DanceFit. He has experience working with children and adults of all ages and skill levels and is patient and encouraging, which makes him an excellent instructor.

The Song

We are dancing to “Perm” by Bruno Mars off his album, 24K Magic. It’s such a fun song, and I love Bruno Mars. He has so much energy when he performs, and all his songs make me want to move.

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The First 8-Counts

As mentioned in my previous post about joining the 8-week Adult Dance Team, I hadn’t taken a dance class in awhile, but really enjoy dancing. The goals for members of LA DanceFit’s Dance Team program vary. Whether it’s confidence building, camaraderie, fitness, or fun, we all have our own personal reasons for doing it. I’m purposefully not going to post too many rehearsal clips, but here are the first 8-counts from the first day:

Summary and tips we learned about performing

We covered 1 minute, 15 seconds of the song. Wil said by the end of the second or third rehearsal, we will complete the choreography for the entire song. After that, it’s a matter of memorizing the steps and styling the moves to look good. One of the things Wil mentioned about performing is to think about all those background dancers you see at the half-time show. What they all have in common is they BRING IT, even if they aren’t the star of the show. They act like they are the star, and that’s the confidence that exudes on stage. It’s gonna be a fun 8 weeks. Tuesday will be rehearsal #2 and I’m looking forward to it!

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Disclaimer: As mentioned earlier, Westside Mommy is participating in the dance team in exchange for sharing my experience. This post contains affiliate links.