Little Horse on the Prairie is the best interactive animal farm experience in Los Angeles


Little Horse on the Prairie is an amazing (and magical) animal farm, conveniently located in Burbank, not far from Disney and Warner Brothers Studios. It is the dream come true of owner, Hunter Austin. Inspired by the television show, Little House on the PrairieLittle Horse on the Prairie is a haven for animals and a place for Hunter to unleash her creativity and eye for style. It’s well-known though word of mouth by studios, photographers, and celebrities in the entertainment and fashion industries. They offer: traveling farm animals, carriage rides, on-location prairie parties, farm visits (by reservation only), photo and film location, and more! My daughter and I had a wonderful time getting to know Hunter and the Animals during our visit to the farm.

Pinterest-worthy Location


Every detail at Little Horse on the Prairie is carefully thought out, which makes it look like a perfectly curated space out of Pinterest or Houzz. As soon as you fall in love with one room, another space takes your breath away. Some of our favorites were the pond at the entrance, the gorgeous living room with exposed brick floor and original Disneyland piano, the carriage-bed viewing room and the adorably marked chicken coops. A visit to the farm is a jaw-dropping experience with photo-ops galore.

The farm’s rustic French country style and photogenic animals have been featured on the E! Network, Animal Planet, The Oscars, numerous commercials, print campaigns, and music videos. Not too long ago, “the most beautiful girl in the world” child supermodel Kristina Pimenova was photographed at Little Horse on the Prairie for Holligans Magazine.

Sweet, Friendly, Animals


All the animals at Little Horse on the Prairie are treated humanely – Hunter considers the animals her children, and treats them with care and kindness. They, in turn, treat her as if she were their mother! I thought it was difficult putting my one child to sleep, but Hunter puts the whole farm (of over 30 animals) to bed and says goodnight to every one (and I thought putting my one child to bed was rough).

Most of the animals at Little Horse on the Prairie are rescues. A lot of the bunnies and chickens came from the fair when it closed; Cavy, the mini kangaroo was living in a college dorm prior the farm; and sweet Sparrow the mini donkey was rescued from a life of abuse. Now, most of them are working animal actors.

Willow, the mini horse, gets the most acting work. He’s been on ABC’s The Bachelor, the new show Collectors, music videos & he just filmed the Nickelodeon show, The Thundermans! He’s also done print ads for Pottery Barn Kids, Modern Queen Kids, Monique Lhuillier & lots of magazines. Meadow the alpaca, the sheep, and the rest of the horses frequently book commercials & print ads too!

A real farm experience


One of the best experiences visiting the farm was collecting chicken eggs! This was certainly something we’ve never been invited to do on visits to other farms. at Little Horse on the Prairie, you can get up-close and personal with the animals. Because they are used to working with, and around people, they are quite compliant. My daughter and I gathered eggs right underneath the chickens! We also pet several bunnies, a pig, a sheep, an alpaca, and even some unique animals such as a pocket pig, and a mini kangaroo! The hedgehog was my daughter’s favorite, and the quills didn’t seem to bother her.

Austin sends farm guests home with six beautifully packaged chicken eggs, laid fresh daily.

Carriage Rides


Little Horse on the Prairie features unique and impressive custom-made carriages. Sized for Willow, the mini horse, the seven carriages to choose from are designed with a different theme (The Chariot, The Fairy Garden, The Farm Wagon, The Classic, The Winter Sleigh, The Ice Cream Cart, The Baby Swan). These show-stopping carriages are booked for events, photo shoots, parties, baptisms, weddings, and more!

[Click here to view carriages]

Ride to Starbucks in Style


October through January, Little Horse on the Prairie guests can reserve “horse drawn sleigh rides” (on wheels, since we don’t have snow in Southern California) to the Burbank Starbucks on Alameda in the Pavillions Center. The sleigh can fit up to four passengers, or there is a two-person cart that can fit a few kids or one adult and one kid. It’s a nice, slow (45-minute round trip) ride from the barn through the Rancho Equestrian neighborhood to Starbucks.

Another way to travel to Starbucks is by sheep, horse, or donkey! A “Starbucks” option can be added to any Farm Visit reservation any time of the year.

Tips for your visit:


  • Little Horse on the Prairie offers farm visits by reservation only—it’s $300 for up to two adults and two children for 1.5 hours; activities are tailored to your interests. Ride or walk a donkey to Starbucks is an add-on to the Prairie Farm visit.
  • Hike with a mini alpaca for $150 for one hour (for up to four people)
  • Visit the  newest member to the farm family—a baby mini zebra/donkey mix called a Zedonk!


Little Horse on the Prairie


Learn more about the animals, the farm, ways to visit, book the farm animals, go on a hike with an alpaca, or have a themed party at Little Horse on the Prairie by visiting the website at

To discuss location rental rates, call or email HUNTER AUSTIN at 818.422.8259

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To view more photos from my visit, click here for Ruby Hunt Photography’s instagram page

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