MARUGAME UDON Opens on the Westside September 14th

Yesterday, I attended a preview tasting of the menu at the new cafeteria-style udon and tempura restaurant MARUGAME UDON. It’s located in Sawtelle Japantown West Los Angeles, where the noodle game is strong. Neighbors include popular and long-standing ramen houses, and an array of other appealing restaurants to choose from. What makes MARUGAME UDON unique is the experience.

Be decisive

Cafeteria-style dining is meant to move fast. Decisions need to be made quick because a second-go through the line isn’t as easy as a buffet.

TIP: peruse the menu beforehand to decide which udon you want.

After that, the rest is visual.

Udon Choices

I’m not an udon aficionado, so my udon knowledge is limited. My friend, fellow blogger Aya Kimura (, is. Being of Japanese descent and familiar with traditional udon, she explained to me the different types of udon and their characteristics. Since I’m still a newbie, I’ll save the less familiar udon, (such as the Mentai cream – cod roe cream) for another visit. I ordered a small Kake Udon (simple base, no toppings) for my daughter, and the Nikutama Udon (beef & soft boiled egg in a simple broth) for myself.


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Next, you are met with an array of tempura choices, which are all less than $2 a piece. Cooks behind the plexiglass screen perfectly time items from sweet potato, to mushroom, to the very interesting-looking “frying saucer corn” in giant deep fryers in front of you, which are then available to easily access with tongs.  Heartier tempura options include squid, three kinds of chicken cuts, fish, and shrimp.

Rice Bowls

If you want a little more food or prefer to just get a rice bowl, you can get one made to order at the rice bowl section, which comes in two sizes (small or regular). I ordered the chirashi bowl, which is a combination of salmon, tune, egg, mushroom, and roe. My kid loves salmon and poke bowls, so I think one of these bowls would actually fill her up.

Toppings and Extras

After you pay for your meal, head over to the toppings section! Here you can get different tempura sauces and toppings which include tempura crunch, green onion, cilantro, soy sauce, wasabi, and ginger.

No Wait Staff

This casual atmosphere keeps its costs down by having the customer clear their own table. The tray return area might be a little hard to find (it’s near the cash registers), but the helpful restaurant staff is present and will gladly point you in the right direction.

Kid-friendly and Convenient

Marugame Udon is clean, kid-friendly, and convenient. It’s well-lit, with clean bathrooms, and plenty of seating options, with high chairs available. The staff is friendly and will be happy to guide you through this new dining experience. We will definitely return!

Marugame Udon

Grand Opening – September 14, 2017

Doors open at 12pm for the Grand Opening.
Specials include:

  • All Day Kake Udon for only $1 (regular size)
  • First 100 arrivals will receive $10 gift card

Marugame Udon is located at 2029 Sawtelle Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90025


Disclaimer: Westside Mommy attended a preview tasting as a member of the media. No monetary compensation was exchanged for this post. All opinions are 100% my own. All photos taken by Ruby Hunt, Westside Mommy.