My favorite Westside coffee spots

Happy National Coffee Day!

I’m a big fan, and am so happy to see how much the coffee scene has grown in the past few years. Here are a few of my favorite spots for a caffeine and hangout fix around the Westside (in no particular order):

Coffee Commissary – Culver City

Coffee Commissary is actually located in Palms, not Culver City proper, but most people refer to that general area as “Culver City.” The location is convenient because even though they don’t have a parking lot, it’s generally easy to find parking in the neighborhood. Because of that, I usually plan meetings here. My favorite coffee here is the “Cubano” ($4). I’ve tried other things, but I always find myself gravitating towards that drink. You’ll find a lot of customers here on their laptops. We always end up in side patio area because my kid likes to talk a lot.


Philz Coffee – Santa Monica

I first learned about Philz Coffee a few years ago, through my friend Nancy, who lives near San Francisco. I was delighted when the Santa Monica location opened, as well as the several that popped up around L.A. soon after. My husband and I are big fans of Philz Coffee, and we always take out of town guests here. The iced mint mojito is a must-try, and also my go-to drink. When my friend Aya took me out for breakfast on my birthday, Philz was my requested first stop. When my friend Claudia took me out a week later, you guessed it – Philz again. The baristas request you try your drink upon receipt to make sure it’s to your liking. If not, they will re-make it for you!


Blue Bottle Coffee


I’ve been a fan of Blue Bottle Coffee since my friend recommended it on our trip to SF in 2010. Since then, I was delighted to see cafés pop up all around L.A. There are other locations spread around the Westside – including Abbot Kinney, Brentwood, Playa Vista, and Beverly Hills. They do classes and tours at the Hayden Tract location in Culver City.


Sidecar Doughnuts – Santa Monica

While it’s not a coffee house, they do have excellent coffee! Sidecar Doughnuts in Santa Monica brews their very own signature blend, roasted exclusively by Common Room Roasters. P.S. Pick up a Huckleberry doughnut while you’re there!


Disclaimer: No monetary compensation was made for this post. All opinions are my own. Happy National Coffee Day!