Our Annual Visit to Underwood Family Farms


Last Sunday, we visited Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark, California. It’s become an annual tradition of ours and so much fun since becoming a parent. This year, we didn’t have as much time as we would like, because we had to get home by a certain time for a delivery, but still had a lot of fun.

Family Photo


The first thing I wanted to do when we got there was take our family photo in front of the tractor! This year, I brought my tripod. Thankfully, our friend was there to hit the shutter! It really made a difference because our friend’s son was making faces so my daughter would laugh, and having someone else behind the camera put us all at ease.

Wagon Ride


The wagon ride comes free with paid admission to the farm. It’s a lot of fun and takes you on a tour. There is even a stop where they will let you out so you can pick your own produce (which we didn’t opt to do).

New this year: The Bumble Bee Tractor Pull


They still have the cow tractor pull, which is equally adorable, but this year they have a bumble bee tractor pull which fits twice as many riders! My daughter was all about my husband riding this with her, but when there was only seat available, she pushed him to the curb because she wanted a car to herself! It was the first time she’s been on this ride alone, but the nice mother sitting next to her said she would watch her and that she would be ok. Hooray for moms! She made it back ok and said she really enjoyed it 🙂



I wasn’t sure if my daughter was ready for the corn maze yet, so I took her to the labyrinth, which has one entrance and one exit. She completed it several times with ease, so I knew she was ready for the corn maze.

Corn Maze


As soon as we entered the corn maze, my daughter bolted. She is small, but very fast. I was wearing cowboy boots and carrying a lot of stuff, and my husband wasn’t quick enough either. We lost her for a good five minutes (which felt like an hour in my mind), so when I finally found her, I told her she had to make sure I was behind her if she was going to walk ahead. Thankfully, she listened, so the rest of our corn maze adventure was fun. She found the dead ends hilarious (see pic above). Luckily, when she said she had to pee, we were close to the end and found my husband, who took her to the restroom!

Underwood Family Farms


There’s so much MORE to do at Underwood Family Farms, which we didn’t have time to do. If you visit, you should make time to do everything they have to offer. We love watching the PIG RACES, feeding the farm animals, the tractor slide, and more! Wagons and wheelbarrows are available to borrow during your visit. Be sure to check their website for special activities and entertainment each weekend to plan your visit accordingly.

Website: underwoodfamilyfarms.com

This post is for informational purposes. We bought our admission tickets on the website like everyone else. All opinions are my own. All photos taken by me (Ruby Hunt).