Our Favorite Pieces from the LA Art Show 2020

When we attended the LA Art Show in 2018, we saw a lot of art that we loved. This year was just as fun, but even better because my daughter Aria’s greater appreciation for art, now that she is older. Since she was young, probably around 2 or 3, she has shown an interest in drawing. Now that she is six, her skill has really improved, so much that I created an Instagram account for her to keep track (@ariahopeart on Instagram).

I really enjoyed seeing what she was drawn to, and why. As much as I love visiting galleries and museums, I love that the LA Art Show has an assortment of art in one place, from local and global galleries. Toting two kids around at the LA Convention Center’s stroller-friendly environment is a huge timesaver. There were several families in attendance and it was nice and loud – definitely a good thing!

My favorite piece

Zhao Kailin – “Long Expected”

with Artist Zhao Kalin at the LA Art Show

I was thrilled to meet the artist Zhao Kailin because I love his work, which I first learned about when checking out the featured artists for the LA Art Show. Zhao Kailin is a contemporary realistic artist. His work that really appeals to me is the renaissance-style paintings of Asian women. I love the delicate, muted tones and the overall feeling of the painting, “Long Expected.” They have a historic feel that I appreciate very much as an Asian American. I want my daughter to grow up and be inspired by seeing work such as his.


My 6-year old daughter’s favorite piece

Emma Hack Gallery – “Chi I”

Standing in front of “Chi I” with the artist Emma Hack

What drew Aria to Emma Hack’s art was the time-lapse video at the booth of her body painting a model for her work. The process of painting on a body was intriguing to her, as I explained that anything can be a canvas for art, and that the body itself is a work of art. I loved explaining this to her, and it was very cool that she could meet the artist in person!

Emma Hack is an Australian artist known for working in the medium of body paint and photography. Emma has received great acclaim for her refined body paint camouflage technique and is best known for her Wallpaper series (2005-2013).


My husband’s favorite piece

August Vilella

August Vilella is an artist based in Barcelona. His surreal oil paintings are a result of an improvised process. He doesn’t use sketches or previous ideas. The result is dreamy artwork, open to interpretation. My husband was drawn to the large-eyed creatures, particularly the piece above (I don’t know the title).


More artwork on LA Art Show

For more artwork, check out LA Art Show’s Instagram feed at: https://www.instagram.com/laartshow/

LA Art Show website: https://www.laartshow.com/

Thank you to the LA Art Show for providing me with press passes so I could cover this event. All opinions are honest and 100% my own.


I am a new mom to a baby girl. I live in West Los Angeles. This blog is about my experiences as a new mom and navigating my way through kid-friendly L.A.

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