My First Escape Room Experience at PanIQ Room Hollywood

Over the weekend, we celebrated my husband’s birthday (early) with an escape room experience. I was offered an escape room experience by the wonderful people at PanIQ Escape Room Los Angeles/Hollywood to feature on my blog, so I thought my husband’s birthday would be the perfect way to use it. There were six of us total – three married couples. For four of us, it was our first escape room experience. We all enjoyed it and will likely return to do the remaining room.

PanIQ Room Hollywood

PanIQ Room Hollywood offers two different experience themes: Bunker, or Insane Asylum. Each experience is to be completed in 60 minutes or less. We opted for Bunker. Below are the descriptions on the website.


You are a part of an internationally wanted terrorist group and a member of the group was locked into a torture chamber where he was tortured and interrogated. You have 60 minutes to destroy the evidence and escape the room!

Bunker is “family friendly”

Insane Asylum

You are a part of a medical team whose job is to solve the mystery of a patient who was locked into a mental hospital 70 years ago.

Insane Asylum is “scary”

Before the game

Before the game, all players (each room’s gameplay is from 2-7 players), are to sign a waiver. All players should be ages 10 and up. Players are given a walkie talkie to communicate with “home base” A.K.A., the office. The walkie talkie also has a flashlight.

We were also told that no force is necessary to get clues, so please don’t tear apart the room!

No phone use is allowed during the game. We were allowed to take a group photo before and after the game, under the digital timer.

We were shown an emergency key and emergency door, should we need to leave in the event of one.


We are instructed to only use the walkie talkie after 10 minutes of gameplay. You can ask for as many clues as you like. Of course, the less clues you use, the better!

Our Bunker Experience

Before the timer started

I don’t really want to say too much about how we played the game, because that would give away too much. However, I can say that we all had a fantastic time. The theme and the decor was on point, and we all worked collaboratively to solve the riddles. I must say, once we were feeling very confident about our skills, there was another hurdle that made us question our advancement. We used the walkie talkie a few times for clues, but for the most part, figured everything out on our own. Our group of six was perfect, because it gave us the opportunity to rotate tasks, take mental breaks, and get a different perspective on the challenges in front of us.

I’m happy to say that our group completed The Bunker with 5 minutes to spare!

Celebrating our escape with 5:29 to spare!

Tips for Escape Room Play and PanIQ Room Hollywood

  • PanIQ Room Hollywood is located on Barham Boulevard, closer to Universal City than Hollywood proper. It looks like a small home from the outside, and there is a banner hanging outside with the logo. It’s easy to miss, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled and the GPS on.
  • There is very little parking at PanIQ Room Hollywood, so your best bet is to arrive early and ask the office where to park if you don’t see any spaces left, or to use a rideshare service such as Lyft
  • Escape rooms are fun with friends – our party of six (three couples) was a good number and we also have a good dynamic
  • Wear something comfortable – our gameplay was partially in the dark, so be sure to wear something that you can move around well in
  • Have fun – since the rooms are private and booked in advance, you can plan an activity before or after your experience to make it a great night out with friends

About PanIQ Escape Rooms

Copy from their website:

At any PanIQ escape room, the décor, the theme, the service, and the story will have you lost inside of a game. Our European escape room model immerses people completely into the game. Each and every room is fully decked out. All games are private. The high-tech rooms keep our gamers captivated. Customer service is our priority. Keeping clients mesmerized is our first concern.

It’s exactly this service that has made PaniQ so successful.

PanIQ opened its first escape room in Hungary in 2012 with one goal in mind – to continuously create new experiences that keep patrons excited. Since then, the company has been expanding all over the world, opening its first US location in 2014.

Since then, PanIQ has become the escape room brand with the most franchises in the United States.

PanIQ Escape Rooms is committed to providing games, tech, and stories that are updated regularly for customers—we want to be sure we keep you on your toes. As a result, we have opened locations in HollywoodSan FranciscoSilicon ValleyPhoenixHoustonDallasNashvilleChicagoNew York CityWashington, D.C., and Miami, with locations in Atlanta and the Bahamas coming soon!

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As previously mentioned, Westside Mommy received a complimentary PanIQ Hollywood Experience. All opinions are honest
and 100% my own. No monetary compensation was exchanged for this post.