Two books that introduce kids to musical instruments

My daughter and I received two books to review: Poppy and the Orchestra and Poppy and the Brass Band. These books are beautifully illustrated by French artist Magali Le Huche. An adorable, curious dog named “Poppy” is the star, and together with a menagerie of animals, they introduce the sounds of instruments through a sound board with strategically placed buttons under the pages.

Story time with a twist

The books each contain a touch-sensitive sound board with strategically placed buttons. Each instrument or sound effect “button” indicated on a designated page will play a matching sound. This is the perfect combination of story and sound, that makes it a great multi-sensory interactive learning experience.

A Learning Tool for Parents and Children Alike

Even though I grew up listening to live music from an early age (my dad was in a military band), I was never formally introduced to all the instruments. I wish my father realized he had so many wonderful resources available to teach me, and I wish I took more interest in music at the time. Now, I understand you have to see everything around you as a resource and teaching lesson. In Poppy and the Orchestra, I learned about the instrument the celesta, which is similar to an upright piano but produces a much higher pitched, echoey sound. It was fun for my daughter and I to train our ears to identify the instrument sounds at the same time. Each corresponding button plays a nice, short sample. There are even fun little sound effects too.

Promotes an appreciation and excitement for music

After reading both books, my daughter is more enthusiastic about music and even says she wants to see an orchestra perform. I’m planning on signing her up for piano lessons, and hope the interest and excitement for music remain.

Poppy and the Orchestra

Children can hear and learn what musical instruments sound like in this interactive, musical adventure featuring an adorable, curious dog named Poppy. As Poppy meets new friends, they each introduce her to the sound of a new musical instrument. Kids will love pushing the buttons to hear the sounds of 16 different instruments as they follow along with the story. Each page features colorful, engaging illustrations and a new sound to discover.

Poppy and the Brass Band

This colorfully illustrated book features the sounds of 16 musical instruments so kids can learn what each band instrument sounds like as they go on a musical adventure with Poppy the dog.

Both books are published through Walter Foster Jr. Publishers with Quarto Knows.

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Disclaimer: We received advanced reading copies of both “Poppy and the Orchestra” and “Poppy and the Brass Brand” to review on This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was exchanged for this post.