Raising Breast Cancer Awareness with Kickin’ Cancer

Last Sunday, I participated in the Lynne Cohen Foundation’s Kickin’ Cancer! 5K Run, Walk, Stroll in BrentwoodRecently, more people I know have been diagnosed with breast cancer; and just days before the event, one of my favorite actresses, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, announced she had breast cancer. So this year, the reason for the run was more important than ever.

Kickin’ Cancer!® is a non-competitive family-friendly event featuring a 5K Run, Walk, and Stroller Run, a Kiddie Fun Run for children age 10 & under, and a Family Expo with fitness demos, product samples and entertainment. Since its inception, Kickin’ Cancer!® has raised more than $3 million dollars for the Lynne Cohen Foundation — providing women and families affected by ovarian and breast cancers with tools to prevent disease, catch cancer early, and fight it hard.

It’s been a year since I ran a 5K, and even though I’ve been TKD training (and even tested for my belt the day before the event), I haven’t done any distance training. I don’t like jogging/running, but I do these runs for that very reason – I put myself in a situation where I’m not comfortable because the people suffering who I’m running for – are going through something so much worse. I jogged the entire time (except for water breaks), as opposed to my run/walk strategy the previous times, and my time was about the same.

The Lynne Cohen Foundation

The Lynne Cohen Foundation serves women facing increased risk for ovarian and breast cancers. With education programs and comprehensive preventive care clinics, we arm these women and their families with the knowledge, tools, and clinical support they need to take action early, survive, and thrive.

Lynne Cohen Foundation Website: lynnecohenfoundation.org

Kickin’ Cancer Website: kickincancer.com

More pics from the event

Also, check out Lynne Cohen’s social for more photos from the event:

@LynneCohenFoundation on Instagram

@LynneCohenFoundation on Facebook

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Kate Hudson kicked off Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a special collection of activewear products from her lifestyle brand, Fabletics. Part of the proceeds will be donated to target breast cancer screening and treatment.

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