Review of the Cave Tools thermometer

I go through phases of liking and loathing cooking. First of all, my oven is way too hot, so finding the right temperature is a guessing game. Second, because my oven isn’t the easiest to use, I don’t bake that often. Right now I’m in a “meh” phase of cooking, which means I try to cook as little as possible.

Enter: the baked chicken. This is one of the easiest things you can cook and create countless modifications for leftovers. I rarely baked a chicken in the past because I never bothered to buy a meat thermometer, so my baked chickens ended up with multiple stab wounds from frequent checkups using a knife.

Now, I have a meat thermometer, thanks to Cave Tools. They sent it to me to review and here are my honest opinions.

The Cave Tools Digital Cooking Thermometer is a Game Changer

CavetoolsThermometer-3I have no idea how I ever cooked without a thermometer in the past. The chicken I baked using the Cave Tools Digital Cooking Thermometer came out delicious and juicy because it was cooked to the correct temperature. I didn’t have to cut it open to find out if it was cooked, so my chicken looked beautiful and presentable. Sure, I can buy a pre-cooked chicken at the grocery store, but I love baking with loads of garlic, butter, and a multitude of seasonings.

The Cave Tools Digital Cooking Thermometer can check the temperature of more than just meat


Recently, I saw a recipe on Tasty which required yeast. I had never used yeast before. I watched a YouTube video on proofing yeast, that explained the temperature of the water is crucial to this process. I wasted the first pouch of yeast because I didn’t use the thermometer the first time. Then, I remembered I owned the Cave Tools Digital Cooking Thermometer, so that saved me from wasting the last yeast packet!

The Cave Tools Digital Cooking Thermometer has a storage case with a pocket clip

CavetoolsThermometer-4My toddler gets into things, so knowing the Cave Tools Digital Cooking Thermometer‘s sharp point is covered puts me at ease. It’s convenient to carry, cover, and store.

Lifetime Guarantee

You know a product is worth buying if there is a lifetime, money back guarantee. The Cave Tools Digital Cooking Thermometer is backed by the company’s promise that if it doesn’t meet expectations, you get your money back. Can’t argue with that.

Other cool things about Cave Tools

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Disclaimer: I was invited to review the Cave Tools Digital Cooking Thermometer for my blog. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.