Sender City Kid-Focused Area opens at Sender One Rock Climbing and Fitness

My family and I had a great time at the Influencer Open House (sneak preview) event today of Sender City at Sender One. Sender City (which opens tomorrow) is an interactive climbing center inside Sender One Climbing, one of the biggest and tallest climbing gyms in the country. It is for kids and adults of all ages! The difference between this area and the regular rock climbing area are the various themed activities offered. Here, you can climb buildings, towers, shapes or even race your friends to the top of the walls. There’s even a “jump catch” challenge, which will make you feel like an action hero; a “spider web” for super heroes; and a giant (mostly vertical) slide for the adventurous.

They served us lunch (pizza) from Fresh Brothers in their spacious and clean party room, which has a great view of Sender City.

Here are some pictures from our day:

Trembling Towers

We felt like giants in “trembling towers”! Here, you can jump from one building to another.

Mini Bouldering Area

Aria didn’t weigh enough for the auto-belay, but was also hesitant to try the other activities. The auto-belay system used in Sender City requires climbers to weigh at least 30 pounds, otherwise it won’t descend (which would result in a dangling child). However, they informed me there are modifications available if necessary. I believe when she is heavier and visits a few more times, she will feel more comfortable and be more confident. She still had a fun time climbing in the bouldering area, with Dad nearby to catch her if she fell!

Fun Themed Walls

This “dinosaur bone” wall is just one example of the many fun wall themes!

Spider Web

Our friend Winter, climbing the spider web, with her Auntie by her side.

Tire Climb

This tire climb felt very “tough mudder-ish”

Fun Wall – Gears

This climbing wall makes you think about the physics of it all, because the gears move!

The Big Slide

I was too chicken to do this vertical slide. But my husband did it! [see video here]

Hang with friends

Good seeing fellow influencers, (L) Francine Michelle of Video Baby Books, and (C)  Jen


With Alice, one of the partners of Sender One, and also the CFO. She is awesome and super friendly! Thanks for the fun day!


Sender City at Sender One LAX (Los Angeles)

Climbers must weigh between 30 to 300 lbs and be 5 years or older. All shoes must be close-toed and have non marking soles. Reservations recommended. Available for birthday parties and events.

Sender One Climbing, Los Angeles
11220 Hindry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045