Shelby’s visit to a taping America’s Got Talent

Hi, Shelby here!

Recently, I went to see my favorite show (in person), an amazing opportunity! It’s called America’s got Talent (AGT). It is a show about people all over America competing by showing their talents to win the grand prize – their own stage show in Las Vegas and one million dollars. I would love to win that!

My favorite act I got to see live was this man from England who is a magician. He was talking about how he hated it when everyone from his phone contacts got deleted, then suddenly about two hundred cell phones in the audience started ringing, including my mom and aunt Lisa’s. The guy didn’t even have a phone! It was so amazing! I also won a free AGT shirt! I was shouting and screaming and clapping and being a really good audience member, so I won one of the AGT shirts. There was only about ten shirts given out and around 2,000 people there! They also gave audience members cash and, the thing my mom wanted most, tickets to the finally in July – she was so bummed not to win that but very happy I got the shirt.

One thing I found amazing, spectacular, and incredible was actually seeing all of the judges up close! It is definitely something that I would want to go to again, if possible. Heidi Klum and Mel B. were so beautiful and Howie Mandel was so funny but my favorite was Simon Cowell. My mom misses Howard Stern a lot, she loves him!

One more thing that was super fun we did during the commercial breaks was the mannequin challenge. The audience host, Chuck Dukas, put it on his Instagram (@chuckdukas). Anyway, my point is that you all should start watching this show if you don’t already watch it. Bye!

America’s Got Talent


Disclaimer: Westside Mommy was not compensated for this post. Shelby and her family went on their own and she wanted to share her experience with the readers of